: Effective Communication in Business

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Metacommunicative competence Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: June 19, 2013
: Effective Communication in Business

The communication process involves several stages. These stages are described as the sender, encoding, transmission decoding, the receiver, feedback and the noise. The sender is the person who originates the communication and he may be an individual person, the group of people or an institution who will prepare the message. The prepared messages are encoded and is sent to the transmission equipment.

The messages to be send is transform into a form of words, letters, or graphs for transmission. This called the encoding and the receiver should be able to decode the message and understand the contents. The language used is very important for the receiver to understand the meaning of the message quickly and easily.

The next stage is the transmission, it means the medium which is used to the send the message to the receiver correctly and efficiently. A short message can be delivered through a telephone call and detail information is required to be delivered through a meeting.

Decoding is next stage via the recipient read the message. For this, the receiver should be able to understand the language and data and he decode the message. Unless, if he interpret the message correctly, there will be misunderstanding , which will affect the whole message.

Once the receiver decode the message, he either acknowledge or reply to the message. This comply the different stages of communication. Noising the communication process is the interruption or the factor that affect the proper delivery of a message to its recipient.

There are different type of communication. Verbal communication and non-verbal communication are the two main type of communication. Management information system and telecommunication are also considered as medias for communication. Verbal communication is considered as important and non-verbal communication now receiving more attention in the study of different communication types....
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