Types of Retailing

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1) E-tailing (Electronic Retailing)

One of the best example of this category is Amazon.com which is the most trusted and well-known site that sells a huge variety of products in the internet. A customer can buy through credit cards and the site will be sending the product that you bought.

2) Catalog and direct Mail Marketing

This kind of retailing is done by sending catalogs ang mails to a prospect that you want to get, they vary from basic needs to luxurious things. Oneof the companies that does this is the Green Belgium Mailing, they send mails that are blank but when you pour water on them, the message will appear, this is kind of interesting strategy in diresct mailing because it is uncommon and the customers will be amazed, and thus, giving an appeal to it.

3) Direct Selling

This is a kind of marketing and selling of product directly to the consumer away from a fixed retail location. In the Philippines, we have Avon Cosmetics, Inc., Boardwalk Business Ventures Inc., Natasha and many more direct selling retailers. These companies uses manpower to directly sell product to the consumers.

4) Vending Machine Retailing
A vending machine is a machine that is mechanically programmed to accept and scan money that is inserted to it in exchange for the product that is inside it. Coca-Cola Company uses this kind of retailing, it is relatively more effecient than hiring people to sell the products. 5) TV Shows Shopping

This kind of retailing is done by airing live or recorded shows on TV with the goal of selling products that are needed by the customers, most of them are households items. In BTV channel, you can watch these kinds of shows during noontime and afternoon when there are no basketball games that are scheduled to be shown.
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