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SWOT Analysis

Organization: Skadurz Pro
Operational Objectives: SWOT Analysis of Skadurz Pro|


St. Marseille recognized the underserved market for modern skateboarders. Used Connies retail business license to start a test business. Connie has experience in running a business.
St. Marseille is experienced in skateboards and snowboards because of his passion for the sport. St. Marseille kept the business small to keep customer service high and to be able to react quicker to competition. Offered snowboarding equipment before local ski hills allowed snowboarders on the slopes. By 2004 there were 2 Skadurz store locations that carried a wide range of brand name products for skateboarding and snowboarding. Skadurz sold unique VHS and DVDs of skateboarding and snowboarding that were not available north of Toronto. Both Skadurz stores where open seven days a week.

Having stand-alone locations offers the opportunity to keep stores open later for customers if needed. Business is family operated and was able to run fine on their own and St. Marseilles aunt helped out. Due to St. Marseilles experience in skateboards and snowboards he knew what products that would be good sellers in the stores. Keeping both stores open would have an estimated increase in sales of 5%.|Weaknesses St. Marseille did not finish business school which would have contributed in the education of running a business. Did not give employees from co-op a reason to stay longer than their work term. Carrying products that were sold online and having customers try on products in-store then purchase the product online. St. Marseilles mother wanted to get out of the retail business while a major competitor was moving in and unsure of his ability to run both stores. Hiring a manager would increase operating expenses by 52% of sales. Has no plan for internet sales.

St. Marseille does not know how much the business is worth.
Many decisions on dealing with competition. To sell...
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