QRT2 Task 2

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QRT 2 - Task 2

In the times that we live in, and the times we are heading towards, e-commerce is an ever growing and ever important way to help a company reach its potential. Making items available online provides an incredibly convenient way for customers to browse a store’s inventory from anywhere in the world. Not only for current customers, but even more importantly, for people who may not have the ability to visit a physical store. The reasons can be plentiful that would prevent someone from visiting the physical store. It could be because of geographical limitations, current weather conditions, and on and on with the infinite amount of reasons. Combining a solid e-commerce solution with a strong online presence can take a business to heights not imagined before. The online presence allows stores to reach out to potential customers and market their products to those who may otherwise be unaware of a stores existence. Throughout the rest of this paper we will look at a small company located in Lakeland, Florida. In the heart of downtown Lakeland is John’s Book Store. John’s has been owned and operated by John Smith for the past 3 years. In speaking with John, it’s clear that he maintains a high volume of local book lovers that frequent his shop. While John is comfortable with his shop and its current trajectory, he is interested in expanding his exposure, and has welcomed the idea of e-commerce. John views this as a great opportunity to acquire new customers that he would otherwise not be able to reach out to. John currently has a very basic website that will need to be revamped to meet the demands of an online marketplace.


We are proposing to facilitate this website expansion. We will, with John’s approval, transform his current brick and mortar location, into a viable online marketplace for book buyers. There are multiple factors that we will be facing. We will need to develop different facets of the online presence to reach the goals we have set for John’s Book Store. We will need to address what e-commerce solution we will use. How will the customer pay? We will address ways to leverage search engines to work for John. We will focus on the best way to present John’s website to customers outside of Lakeland, and take that to another level to include potential international customers. We will also address John’s Book Store’s customer relationship management (CRM).

E-Commerce Solutions

One of the most important pieces of this proposal is facilitating the online payments. We want to provide as much flexibility, as we can, to the customer. We will focus on tools and resources that will provide a couple of things. First, we want to make this as cost effective for John as possible. We also want to make sure that our methods of payments are feasible to those all over the world. Finding the right solution is very important. Having a reliable e-commerce solution is very important. We want to avoid down times, because this could result in the loss of sales. So from that standpoint, it was important for us to choose software that has been tested tried and true by other online vendors. For this proposal we have chosen Cs.Cart. Cs.Cart provides a turnkey e-commerce solution. Currently, Cs.Cart provides e-commerce solutions to over 35,000 businesses. Cs.Cart provides for a full range of payment options that are accessible by customers in the U.S. and abroad. Cs.Cart also provides a service to help develop a company’s current website to an online marketplace. Customers will have the ability to browse John’s entire inventory of books. Any books that a customer may potentially be interested in has an entry next to it that allows the user to click and that particular book their virtual shopping cart. A key component to this virtual shopping cart is the ability to add as many of that particular item to their cart. The customer...
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