Calvin Klein IMC Plan

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Integrated Marketing Communications
Group Project

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Table of Contents
Page Number
Executive Summary 3
Product Description
Management Responsibility
Geographic Location & Length of the Campaign

Situational Analysis
Current Market Position
Company Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Opportunity Analysis

Marketing Objectives
Sales Objectives
Communication Objectives

Target Audience
Market Segmentation
Target Market

Communications Strategy

Creative Strategy
Advertising Problem or Issue
Advertising and Communication objectives
Target Audience
Major Selling Idea and Key Benefits
Creative Strategy Statement
Supporting Information and Requirements

Budget 12
Media Planning 13-16
Media Strategy
Direct marketing
Interactive media
Sales promotions
Public relations
Personal selling

Campaign Evaluation19
Conclusion 19

Executive Summary

Calvin Klein Inc. formed in 1968 is typically associated with high quality apparel and intimate wear at a premium price, boasting strong brand equity and an extensive and global loyal consumer base. In 2003, CK was purchased by Philliphs-Van Heusen Corp (PVH), which now controls its operations. Calvin Klein has over time diversified into various business avenues, exploring the fragrances and sunglasses markets, which have assisted in generating business profitability, and fostering brand awareness and exposure. However, through gap analysis exploratory research, we have identified the men’s premium swimwear market as a potential market segment to penetrate. The proposal consists of developing a line of exclusive or limited edition men’s CK swimwear, made from the latest lycra fabric technology fostering increased support and comfort for consumers.

The purpose of the following report is to outline a strategic integrated marketing communications plan considering the following elements; competitor & situational analysis, identification of target audience, defining campaign objectives, formulation of creative and communications strategy and evaluation of the campaign.

Typically associated with a minimalistic (black and white) and controversial style of advertisement, our campaign seeks to maintain this specific brand image, whilst building brand equity. The ultimate objectives of the campaign include; increasing sales and profitability, generating exposure and awareness with potential customers and re-enforcing brand image and further building brand equity. These objectives may be achieved through developing creative and innovative marketing strategies and campaign, attracting the new target segment by diversifying into the swimwear market. The launch of the limited edition of swimwear is strategically timed to take place parallel with the beginning of summer 2013, thereby seeking to capture the large market demand for mens swimwear.

Product Description
The Limited Edition CK men’s swimwear range is to consist of several difference styles of swimwear trunks, made from the latest fabric and fiber technology therefore fostering increased comfort and support for consumers. The concept of a limited edition range, reinforces the exclusivity of the CK brand. In developing an exclusive range, consumer demand typically increases as it is considered as an special...

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