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Non-store retailing is a form of retailing in which sales are made to consumers without using physical stores. The non-store retailers are known by medium they use to communicate with their customers, such as direct marketing, direct selling and vending machines or e-tailing. • 3. WHO ARE THE CUSTOMERS?

Non store retailing is patronized to time conscious consumers and consumers who can't easily go to stores, or compulsive buyers. Most non-store retailers offer consumers the convenience of buying 24 hours a day seven days a week and delivery at location and time of their choice. • 4. NON-STORE RETAIL INDUSTRY

Non-store sales are now growing at a higher rate than sales in retail stores. Non-store retailing now accounts for more than 15% of all consumer purchases, and it may account for over 1/3 of all sales by the end of the century. • 6. CLASSIFICATION OF NON-STORE RETAILING.


The marketing of products to ultimate consumers through face-to-face sales presentations at home or in the work place Party plans: Hosting groups to view a product demonstration and encouraging participants to purchase the products.Example: Eureka Forbes. • 8. PROS AND CONS OF DIRECT SELLING.

• Benefits
• Personal attention to customer.Convenience of time and place of presentation.LimitationsHigh costs make it the most expensive form of selling.Negative consumer view of direct selling. • 9. Direct-response marketingIn direct-response marketing, marketers use broadcast media to get customers to contact them directly. It is direct-response marketing because the communications from the customer to the marketer are direct, this differentiates it from simple direct marketing in which the communications from the marketer to the customer are direct, but do not allow...
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