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Topics: QR Code, Brand, Brand management Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Uveda Sunblock Activation cum POS ideas
-          Put up a free dispenser of Uveda Sunblock in or outside the hyper market/NewU stores. Maybe at the nearest bus stand from the shop. It combines curiosity with the strong attraction that people have to “free.” -          Special in-store signage educating customers on the nature and uniqueness of the product -          Have an in-shop expert that will test your skin and suggest the best product for you -          Society activation with putting up a canopy in the society compound or in the society salon. The pre event branding could consist of posters on society notice board and a more personalized door handle cards (like do not disturb cards) -          Sampling in corporate (the way red bull does) -          E-mailers to customers (can take ids from the existing data base) -          Introduce QR codes in the retail set up that will let the customers explore our brand/product -          Thematic retail activation that break the linear shelves – Quickly be ready for a party (might feature the face wash, mask etc), essentials-for-less (feature discounted products) etc -          Female, no matter where they are you put up a mirror in front of them and they’ll start looking at it admiring them. Let’s put up a two sided mirror with one side having blemishes, dark spots etc (this is we see the spotless mirror (New Uveda Skinblock for spotless beautiful skin) -          Display the product in a small pool of water highlighting the benefit of it being water resistant - Umbrella Dangler – umbrella shaped danglers to be placed inside the shop just above the BA – the brand message to be written on the same. - Outdoor Events – can have trial packs distributed at outdoor events like a cricket match with a kid umbrella that can have our brand message too. - Uveda sunblock detector – everytime a woman moves out from the shop she is alarmed by a message that there are harmful rays outside, so she should not forget to buy...
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