Translation of Poetic Texts on the Example of John Donne's Poems

Topics: Poetry, Translation, Metaphysical poets Pages: 2 (997 words) Published: November 1, 2014

One of the main problems associated with the reproduction of poetry by means of the other language, is the question of its translability and un translability. For example, Wilhelm von Humboldt believed that it is impossible to transmit images, metaphors, comparisons and phonetic tones of one language to the other because of the difference in the expressive means of that languages. Many poets and translators in the area of ​​Eastern Europe, primarily in Ukraine and Russia, followed a different view that each developed national language has sufficient means for the comprehensive transmission of thoughts expressed by another language (K. Chukrvstkyy, Marshak). Another problem of the poetic translation is nonseparability of form and content on the poetry, and the difficulties they represent for the translator, especially of the poetic works, have been discovered. Often the form obtrudes on the interpreter a particular expression, that causes the digression from the original (by A. Petrova). Speaking about the creative individuality of the translator, it can be said that because of the impossibility of a clear understanding of literary works and due to significant differences in the different language systems, the translator has to partially adopt the functions of the author and to repeat somehow the process of creating the work while adapting it to the new language environment. The basic techniques of literary translation of the poetry include the classic, romantic and realistic types of translation. But the most topial remains is the binary pair "free - literal" translation. Goncharenko also identifies three types of translation of lyric works: poetic, versicular and philological. The main criteria used to determine the equivalence of the translation is its correspondence to the original structure, and the criteria used to determine the adequacy is the degree of the correspondence to the aim of the original. Such scholars as Ivanov, A. Sandauer ,and writer O....
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