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is the repetition of consonant sounds in a series of words. If the consonants are the same but the sounds are different they do not alliterate. eg. "...the grease that kisses the onions with a hiss."

from WILLIAM STREET by Kenneth Slessor

is the reference to well-known figures and/or other texts
eg. "And thrice I heard the Cock crow thinking I knew it's meaning well." from COCK CROW by Rosemary Dobson The reference here is to the denial of Jesus after his arrest by one of his disciples.

A text which has been taken from one context and translated The process of translation allows new insights into the original text and emphasises contextual differences between the two.

is the repetition of vowel sounds. The vowels themselves may be different but the sound has to be the same. eg. "If I should die, think this only of me"
from THE SOLDIER by Rupert Brooke

is a time-worn phrase used to explain thought or feeling. They are usually images that have lost their power to surprise because of over-use. eg. like a bat out of hell or as old as the hills or he's a cold fish.

is an idea or feeling associated with a word. Some words have richer associations than others eg 'house' may be the building in which you live but 'home' refers to the same object and has associations of warmth, family, security.

The range of personal, social, historical, cultural and workplace conditions in which a text is responded to and composed.

Accepted practices or features which help define forms of texts and meaning (see genre). We recognise a genre (type of text) through its conventions eg. Conventions of a Western include such stock characters as hero (white hat), villain (black hat), school marm, bar girl, themes such as tension between the settled life of the town and the freedom of the frontier which resolves as hero rides into the sunset with his best pal, his horse.

(or figurative language) is another term used for imagery and generally refers to such devices as metaphor, simile and personification.

A category or type of text that can be recognised by specific aspects of its subject matter, form and language eg. Teenflic - usually set in a high school with stock characters such as the cool kids, sport jocks, nerds. There is often a romantic interest but the central problem is usually social or ethical and problems tend to be resolved in the end with some degree of justice.

refers to the omitting words from a sentence/paragraph. It is common in transcripts of conversations and is sometimes indicated by ...

is an acceptable or mild expression which replaces an unpleasant or hurtful one. For example, some people find it too distressing to speak of death and so soften the effect by such terms as: he has passed on; she has gone to a better place etc.

is a term that is has a range of meanings that are used in the study of English. It can refer to • a real or ideal resemblance eg. He moulds himself in the image of his father • a projection of light or arrangement of pixels on a screen • a public impression eg. a politician's image

refers to the mental representations of pictures, sounds, smells textures and tastes that are created through powerful or interesting use of language. Imagery can often refer to figures of speech such as metaphor, simile and personification.

is the ways texts make reference to other texts. These references may be • explicit such as an allusion
• implied by the many different ways a composer can draw our attention to other texts (such as parallel situations, sameness of genre, satire, parody etc.) • inferred from your own reading. This refers to the way that you draw on your own experience of texts. These references need not have occurred to the composer and can in fact be drawn from texts composed at a later...
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