Tourism and Sustainability

Topics: Tourism, Biodiversity, Sustainability Pages: 4 (996 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Tourism And Sustainability

Lying on beaches with blue waters; indulging in a delightful package of fiesta and fun; enjoying delicious cuisine and accompany of the local. Probably the pictures that spring to mind when you hear ‘tourism’. Indeed, most people long for these when they consider going on a tour. Tourism is travel for recreational and leisure purposes. Apart from this, there are also ecotourism, educational, medical tourism. Sustainable tourism will be zoomed in on.

Encompassing the concept of proper management of resources, sustainability suggests we meet our present needs without compromising the ability of the next generations to meet theirs. Under the 3 pillars of sustainability: environment, society and economy, practices like sustainable forest management, living, energy emerge. When sustainability is integrated into tourism, ‘sustainable tourism’ is resulted, which brings a fresh-new behavior for the tourism industry.

The world is turning into a new tourism era, with sustainability playing a more and more important role. According to a 2010 study by a mass tour operator, 44% of US and European customers said they would be interested if a company offered sustainable holiday options. Indeed, sustainable tourism starts gaining place. We start talking about managing resources so environmental, social and economic needs are fulfilled without damaging the biodiversity and culture. We think of meeting not only the needs of present tourists and host regions, but also enhance opportunities for the future.

With the tourism industry in bloom in more regions, harmful impacts on local environment, society and economy are emerging. These include forest destruction for tourist facilities, interruption to indigenous villages, demolition of historical sites. Simultaneously, the global population is skyrocketing and the availability of resources declining. Responsible...
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