Three Day Food Intake

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Three Day Food Intake
Monica Cova
December 18, 2012
Ms. Walker

Three Day Food Intake
According to "English- Word Information" (2003), “Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside” (Quotes: Eating, Food). During the past three days I have been keeping a journal of my meals in order to determine my intake compared to the daily recommended intake (DRI). The results I am about to share with you were very surprising to me. From the foods and beverages recorded in my three day intake most contained some percentage of protein except the sodas. The highest percentage of protein came from my ham and cheese omelet every morning. Another good source of protein was the low fat milk in my cereal which I usually ate for lunch or a snack. Some other foods with protein were the mixed grain bread, bean and cheese burrito, nachos from Taco Bell, corn dogs, and Subway sandwiches. Foods that contained carbohydrates were basically everything. The only item on my list that contained very low percentages of carbohydrates was ham and cheese omelets. The food items that contained the most amount of carbohydrates was mixed grain bread, sodas, Frosted Flakes cereal, low fat milk, bean and cheese burrito, nachos from Taco Bell, French fries, and Subway sandwiches. Lipids were also found in most food items on my list as well. The only items on my list that did not contain lipids are the soda and Frosted Flakes cereal. The items that contained the most amounts of lipids are the ham and cheese omelets, nachos from Taco Bell, and the Subway sandwiches. When I compared my intake to my RDI the protein and carbohydrate levels were within normal range. Most of the lipids were also within normal range except for the saturated fats. My Omega 6 fatty acids are at 36.6% compared to my RDI and my Omega 3 fatty acids are at a 45.8%. In order to lower the percentage of saturated fat I could have changed my choice of sandwich at...

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