There are many things a hero

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There are many things a hero is and isn’t. Hero’s keep battling trough tough challenges more determined than those who won’t step up and do the same. Heroism is an act of caring for others and helping others making sure no one is in danger and everyone feels safe and secure. Also they keep society in order, like a policeman, not a coward who will hide when the challenge comes up and they have to face it.

A hero’s function in society is to help people face challenges when they aren’t capable of it themselves. Also hero’s help keep society safe from danger and in order. They also function in society is to stop evil people who are trying to cause harm to others. The reason they are accepted by society and allowed to help is because people don’t know how to handle a challenge by themselves or they are too scared to and they need help from other people, a hero, to face it and overcome it. Also hero’s pick us up when we are down. Life inevitably hands us personal setbacks and failings, and when we have to face those setbacks hero’s are there to inspire us to overcome it. Also they bring justice to those who break the laws or attack us.

An example of a hero is Mulan, from the movie Mulan; she is a hero because she is strong enough to face her never ending stream of challenges and overcome them. One challenge is she has to fight against the enemy, the Huns, for china. The reason this is such a challenge is that she is a women, which is rejected by society. She manages to overcome her challenges and brings honor to her family. Mulan is a hero not only because of her triumphs the challenge of acting like a man for her sick father, who was called to go to war. A second example of a hero is Pfc. Seagers. He is a hero because he stepped up and fought a war in Afghanistan, but hero’s sometimes make sacrifices, in this case he lost his arm but he didn’t let that stop him or slow him down, he told the doctors, “I just kept telling the doctors that I didn’t want my life to...
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