The Definition of a Hero

Topics: Abraham Lincoln, Homer Hickam, Gettysburg Address Pages: 2 (708 words) Published: January 18, 2011
Definition Essay

Would a hero be considered someone like Superman? Or someone like Abraham Lincoln? People have said, "It's not what you do or say, but what you are". But would anyone think of Superman as a hero if he never saved people's lives? What's so amazing is that there are many kinds of hero's, but if someone ever mentions the word 'hero', people automatically think it's from a comic book where the hero's are all built and have superpowers. A hero can be almost anyone, or maybe even an dog.

A hero would not need to be anything fancy or formal. A hero can be someone who would go beyond the expected, to set an example for others. In the movie, 'October Sky', Homer Hickam Jr. was a boy who went above and beyond of the tradition in his town. With the help of his teacher, and ignoring his father's objection. He went onto winning a national science fair contest, a college scholarship, and a life out of the coal mine as a rocket scientist for NASA. That might not be anything people would think is heroic, but psychologically it is. He became an example for others, 'follow your dreams' is the message he's trying to give. That means, 'if you want to be something or achieve a goal, you can do it if you try hard enough'.

Another hero in real life, the ones on the street every day, trying to keep this world safe. That would be various of people, like a firefighter or the police officers of the city. A firefighter would be there within minutes if a house ever caught on fire. A police officer is roaming the streets every day trying to stop this world full of people who break the laws. Or maybe a teenager trying to run for school president because she has all of these ideas to what she can do to improve our school. Heroes are in everyday life, whether they stand out or not.

For example, Abraham Lincoln was a hero. This man lead this country through the Civil War. He fought to end slavery, and gave that famous speech 'The Gettysburg Address'. He's an...
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