Theatre Review

Topics: Theatre, Actor, Acting Pages: 2 (507 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Alisa Nguyen-Le
Theatrical Review: Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 is a funny, witty, topsy tuvy show with tons of twists and turns that surprise the audience. As a whole, the production was very enjoyable and entertaining. Throughout the play, I was leaning forward in my seat with anticipation. The comedy was very clever and I couldn’t help but to chuckle during the whole production. The cast did very well, as they stayed in character throughout the whole show. However, I found it hard to understand what the actors were saying quite often. I think some of the cast could have worked on enunciation, diction, and volume a little bit more. Nevertheless, their acting was right on and they made their characters believable. The actors put their best effort to keep the audience engaged. I found Liz Meneses, the actor character that played Helsa Wenzel the most believable and passionate. She made her characters’ personality obvious to the audience and she was very enjoyable to watch. Another actress that stood out to me was Siham Ayoub, the actress that portrayed the role of Bernice. Her volume and diction was outstanding. She made it very clear her character was a free-minded drunk. Also, Matthew Aquino perfectly incorporated the comedy in the play and made it much more interesting to watch. He fit his character perfectly, and I was very impressed by his performance. Even though the set stayed the same throughout the whole show, the blocking and direction of the characters made up for it. The set did not get boring once and the characters interacted very well with the set. The characters’ actions were almost never repetitive and they never showed their back to the audience. Costumes were also a very good representation of the era. They were perfect examples of what people would have dressed like in the 40’s. The costumes also defined the characters personality, and gave a bit of a personal background. For instance, Elsa would not...
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