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Topics: Molière, Tartuffe, Theatre Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: December 3, 2013
Taylor L. Swanson
December/ 1/ 2013
Experiencing the Arts assignment
PAS 381
Dr. Pearlie Johnson

“Monsieur Baptiste, The Con Man” is an original play by Jean Baptiste Moliere; the plays script itself is originally known as "Tartuffe.” The play has been adapted into a more modern version by Roger Furman and featured at the University of Louisville’s playhouse on south 3rd street, by the African American Theatre Program (AATP), and directed by Lundeana Thomas. The play was run through November 20th to November 24th, 2013. The particular play that I attended was on Sunday, November 24th, at 3pm. The following actors were featured in the play, on Sunday, November 24th, Renea S. Brown as Dorinea “The maid”, Takayla Williams as the grandmother (Don Pascal’s mother), Jody-Ann Henry as Madame Alvarez (Don Pascel’s wife), Konrad Davis as Jean Paul (Don’s Son), Candice Handy as Valerie (Don’s Daughter), Byron Coolie as Gustave (the madams brother) and Monsieur DuBois (officer at law), Garrick Anderson Jr. as Don Pascal, Crystian Wiltshire as Andre (Valerie’s Boyfriend) and also Monsieur Laurent (the bailiff), Dathan Hooper as Baptiste (the con man), Jessica L. Raymore as Molita (the maids mother spirit), and Tia L. Davis as Saraphina (The maids grandmother spirit). My overall reaction and view of the play is that I was very impressed. I have not seen a play with more action and liveliness with such a small group of roles in a rather long time. The connection between royalty, and a con man, as he slips into the cracks and seems of reality and an overall search of competence in a family setting is very intense in accordance to the time line set in the play. I felt like I was with the actors, on their spiritual journey, as they portray their roles so finely. I felt an extreme presence of finite maturity in the actors, and I feel as if that has a lasting impact, compared to mediocre actors, in which I’ve seen in this theatre before. The all black cast was so...
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