The unforgettable Accident

Topics: Automobile, Driver's license, Driving Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: October 12, 2013
The Unforgettable Accident
What is accident to you? Is it a spill of coffee on your shirt? Is it a misunderstanding about someone, or something? Or is it just a silly mistake that makes you regret? I’ve had all of the above accidents all my life once in awhile, but there was the very big one that I’ve never forgotten. It was my first car accident in 2005. Not only that has opened my eyes about living my life more carefully, but there also were consequences.

In 2005, I was studying in a language school in California. The school was in Los Angeles which was a bit far from where I lived, in Culver City. At first, I used public transportation to go to school and to work. One day, I saw the second-handed car on the side of the street. The owner would like to sell it. Then, I took a good look around it and I thought to myself that it was affordable. At that time, I didn’t have Californian driver’s license yet. I only have my international driver’s license that I brought from Thailand. After I discussed with my parents in Thailand, I had called the owner of the car, asked him to test drive, and finally bought it. I was so happy that I finally had my own car to drive around. I even got extra tips from my part-time job as driver when I could deliver food to customers’ houses. One night, I planned to visit my friend who lived on Venice beach. His place was about 15 minutes drive from my apartment. It was around 9 P.M. and there weren’t so many cars on the street. Since there was only me and the other car I front of me. I decided to drive faster without knowing what was going to happen. Suddenly, the car turned around at the front of my car. I didn’t know what was on the driver’s mind. It was happening so fast that I almost stop breathing at the moment. I hit the car very hard until the security air bag exploded to safe me from hitting the steering wheel. When I had recalled my consciousness, I thought to myself “I had to get out of here before it explodes!” Then, I...
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