Personal Narrative: My Mom's Car

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“I DON’T CARE MOM!” I screamed at the top of my lunges. We were driving along I-95 on the sway home from my successful driver's license test. I was 16. I was normal. The radio played in the background but it couldn’t be heard over my mom yelling. This was the same crap I dealt with every day. I could have sworn that woman tried to find something to fight over: this time it was about how I should, “be more responsible” and “find a job” and “needing to grow up!”
Her words were so repetitive she was like a scratched record playing over and over again. I could have predicted how this would have gone. It started with a snarky passive comment in response to her question; “have you called Howard’s about an interview?” (Howard’s is a stupid restaurant
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It took me a second but I realized this was I-95… That car was my mom’s car. In that singular moment our car and the wonder bread semi changing lanes in front of us were the only cars on the road. Everything was frozen; I could see the frustration on my face along with the sorrow and disappointment in mom’s. I felt a wave of understanding.
In a moment I knew. I was the one who was wrong. It wasn’t mom. It wasn’t mom in the least. It was all me. I understood being right wasn’t worth it at all; I could have been right but I was wrong. I was wrong because I thought it was worth it to be right. If I had given up the fight this moment wouldn’t be happening. I glanced over the scene once more. Taking everything in, I felt a tear dripping down my face so slowly. I wanted to put the event in reverse but I knew it was impossible.
I closed my eyes and as I opened them I was looking straight at my mother. That instant our eyes were locked I never wanted the lock to break. Another tear slipped down, and I could taste the salty warmth on my tongue. The crash took five seconds but it felt like ten years. This time I heard the words “I’m wrong mom. I’m sorry mom.” In an instant the noise grew so loud it seemed like I was standing in the middle of a nuclear bomb. Not a second later it was silent and the world around me went pitch

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