how to cook an instant noodles

Topics: 2008 singles, Traffic, Debut albums Pages: 2 (345 words) Published: April 20, 2014
Name: Trần Vũ Phương Quỳnh
Class: 13AV 201
Following the highway code when traveling on street is not only the duty but also the interest of every citizen. It is really dangerous for you to try to run away out of the police’s whitle. That is what I learn from my crazy moment. I remember it was in May and the weather is really hot and sticky. Mom asked me get cake from my grandma’s house. I went out without remember taking my wallet. Riding on the street, I turned into a no thoroughfare street. Suddenly, a police man appeared, waved his truncheon, asked me to stop. Such a crazy moment, I didn’t only stop but also tried to run away. He switched on his motorbike right away and tried to catch me, the faster he rode, the faster I rode also. Finally, he caught me; I was so scared about what I did, about my mistakes. Taking my key out of my scooter so that I couldn’t run away again, he asked my driving license, my identification, but I didn’t bright anything. He was angry with me and decided to impound my scooter. I couldn’t find any reason to explain my fault, my tear dropped down on my cheeks. So luckily, the magic appeared. Instead of giving me a traffic ticket, he just only said that “I don’t shout at you so stop crying, please! This time I will forgive for your mistake but you must remember never run away if a police asks you to stop, it’s too dangerous because you maybe meet an accident when running away like that”. “Oh my goodness, what happened? No traffic ticket, no impound my scooter, so fantastic!” my heart was dancing at that time. He asked my telephone number and let me go. After that experience, I had a new friend and I knew where the no thoroughfare street is. And the most important remains in my mind is his guide.
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