The Radio Communication

Topics: Radio, Communication, Radio spectrum Pages: 14 (4436 words) Published: October 14, 2012


A Research Paper Presented to the
Marine Transportation Department
John B. Lacson Colleges Foundation-Bacolod
Alijis, Bacolod City

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree
Of Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation


Chapter 1


Communication is easily overlooked, but the ability to communicate effectively is necessary to carry out the thoughts and visions of an organization to its people. The importance of speech and words whether through paper or voice is a communication medium to convey directions. Without communication, there is no way to express thoughts, ideas and feelings. There are many ways to provide communication to an organization or to the people of our community. Whether through phone, fax, e-mail, letter, website, instant message software, social networking websites and etc… you are able to communicate your organization to the world. Things can be expressed, ideas can be shared, and thoughts can be joined. Without these communication facilities, your organization will become isolated. In the life of a seafarer communication is very vital especially through radio communication on board which is very helpful during navigation at sea. Radio communication is the easiest forms of communication on board and the most useful method. Through radio communication a ship can provide information to where be there location, in times of many unpredictable circumstances the crews and officers will be able to ask assistance during emergency cases. The utilization of radio communication in sending data and information to the stations at land is one of the reasons that everyone should be knowledgeable on how to use this communication equipment. As seafarers communicating with the family or love ones on the land are very important, through radio communication it helps to ease the loneliness and missing of every seafarer by utilizing this equipment to communicate with them. The radio communication system plays a very important role as well on the security and safety of the ship during navigation at open sea. As technology becomes more complex and the volume of demands from the shore increases, many acknowledge that there is a need to reinstate someone who will be able to cope with the high degree of integration between the highly complex systems onboard.  So in some ways we are back to where we started – but the progress is real, the technology is continually evolving and the future is very exciting This study will help provide more information on the level of awareness on importance of radio communication on every vessel and enhance the knowledge of every students and seafarer towards utilizing the radio as means of communications as well as coping with unforeseen circumstances in the open sea.


Communication is a vital aspect of every human being because through these messages are delivered without delay. In this research we will focus more on the level of awareness on the importance of radio communication on board as experienced by our very active seafarers.

As we go deeper with the studies there are a lot of things we shared to understand and discover. Seafarers’ lives are always at risk and we cannot deny the fact that undesired occurrences and emergency may happened. Each crew members should be knowledgeable and much aware on the use o these different gadgets and electronic equipment that the ship had so that during emergency each individual will learn to utilize and manipulated the certain gadget that would be helpful.

Radio communication is one of the most useful tools in every seafarer but lack of knowledge and showing less importance to this kind of tools will put your life at risk and help from other people will not be given. Through international...
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