Communication Plan

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Communication Plan Template

Learning Team E


February 25, 2013

Sarita Wesley


Communication is vital for the creation, existence and prosperity of any organization. A communication plan allows for an

organized and efficient way of communicating internal and external information to recipients. A well-engineered communication plan

will be sure to clearly outline and inform the target audience. The message or messages will be well articulated and directed at the

target audience with little to no room for confusion as well as well-timed. In other words the timing for the delivery of the message

shall be appropriate. The goal of the message should be easily decipherable by recipients as well as how and by whom the message

will be delivered. We have all heard the phrase “timing is everything”, there is much truth here in that the appropriate time of delivery

of information will greatly impact its effectiveness; who the message comes from and how they deliver it can also greatly affect and

determine and messages effectiveness.

Communication Plan

A Communication plan is a strategic outline that draws out organizational goals regarding internal and external desired

communication processes. Communication Plans are vital to both internal and external communications, including marketing,

advertising, and all public relations. Communication Plans are important because in order to fulfill the desired roadmap to the

organizational strategic plan there must be smooth communications internally and externally throughout the firm, and a protocol to

follow for all parts and employees of the firm. Communication Planning is designed with the key elements of a strategic plan. The

Key Elements are commonly of custom design based on organizational plans and usually address the following: Determine

Organizational Goals, Identify and Profile the Audience of both internal and external communications, Develop Messages, Select

Communication Channels, Choose Activities and Materials that the plan will initiate, Establish Partnerships, Implement the Plan,

and Evaluate and make Mid-Course changes and corrections as needed. The below communication plan is a generic template that

Team E has developed in week 4.

Project Team Directory
Role| Name| Title| Organization/Department| Email & Phone| Project Sponsor(This is who approved the project)| Name of Individual| Their title within their respective organization for example: CEO| List the department they are a part of and if separate, also list the organization| List all business email addresses and phone numbers| Project Manager(This person will manage the project and its team members)| Name of Individual| Same as above| Same as above| Same as above| Project Stakeholders(All people and organizations affected by the projects outcome)| For multiple stakeholders a separate directory can be created | See stakeholder directory| See stakeholder directory| See stakeholder directory| Customer(s)(If the project results in a final product that will be solicited, the intended customer should be listed here)| Same as the stakeholders, a separate directory for multiple customers can be created| See customer directory| See customer directory| See customer directory| Team Member| Name of individual| Title within the organization| The department they work for| Email and phone numbers| Team Member| Name of Individual| Same as above| Same as above| Same as above| Team Member| Name of individual| Same as above| Same as above| Same as above|

Communications Matrix
Situation| Audience| Vehicle of Communication| Frequency| Medium| Delivered By| DateDelivered| Expected Results| Describe what needs to be communicated| Who is the message being delivered to| Describe the channel used for communicating the situation| Describe how often the situation will be...
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