The Pros and Cons of Shopping Online and Shopping at a Store

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The Pros and Cons of Shopping Online and Shopping at a store

Our life is a fast paced and full of more stress. Everyone wants to release from their life so they have to have their own leisure time. Some people think shopping is kinds of leisure time, even than some people go shopping on online. Choosing between shopping online or at a store is not easy. Both are great choosing with their own pros and cons. The following is a comparison of these. The following is a comparison of these privacy rights, price and so on.

Sometime we went shopping at store when we thought the price that was so expensive. If you know the store’s staff or boss each other, maybe they give you a bargain and service you very well. In contrast, when you went shopping on online, you cannot make sure sellers who let you have a bargain except for on sale activities.

There is no way we can agree with shopping on online. Because of network is fictitious world, we cannot sure that it always can be safety. In the other words, some of consumers need to log in and typing their password on web, so our secret hard to avoid spreading, a case in point is privacy rights, somebody will give sellers some information about them cause our privacy is spreading. On the contrary, when we go shopping at store, we just buy what we want and cannot show our "password ad our identity. Second, we have to pay money with credit card. Sometime, we bought from website. They will give you a request and need you pay money from website. This is why our password will be hacking. Third, you can not know anything what is true about your stuffs, so I give you advice that is “ Do not ! Always go shopping online.”

In conclusion, in the view of this, we can see that we should not go shopping online. We should go shopping at store. One effect of price cannot bargain that go shopping online, anther effect is that we should care about privacy rights. If we did not care that ,our privacy would spread and lost our...
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