The Products of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Topics: Nutrition, Bread, Food Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: February 18, 2013
The Products of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
Nowadays an increasing number of people are concerning about food healthiness and food convenience. There are many companies providing various foods to human’s daily lives in the Canada’s market. However, which companies are providing food products to meet customer requirements caused heated debate. As a leading food company, Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is making health, convenient and diversity food products to meet our needs. It is obvious that the foods from Maple Leaf Foods Inc. are nutritious. Throughout Maple Leaf Food’s over 100 years history, the company has been developing myriad healthy foods to customers, such as Dempster's / Bon Matin, which can help maintain healthy cholesterol & blood pressure levels. And another product Maple Leaf Natural Selections™, a line-up of deli meats that did not add preservatives. The author Krashinsky introduces: Maple Leaf Foods Inc. launched a new ad campaign to persuade diet-conscious consumers they don't need to shun the carbs in its Dempster's breads. The ad emphasizes their wholesomeness by showing a farmer plucking bread slices from trees and pulling a wrapped Dempster's loaf from the soil, to sell the message that bread contains vitamins and minerals, just as fruit and vegetables do (Krashinsky). Providing High quality, great tasting, nutritious and innovative food products to customers is the aim of Maple leaf Foods Inc. Moreover, the foods from Maple Leaf Foods are convenient. With the rapid development of society, people become busier and busier in working, taking care of family members, and studying. They do not have enough time for cooking, even for eating. This is a reason why the instant foods become so popular. Maple Leaf Foods Inc. has just provided these kind convenient foods to human, such as ready to cook series, ready to sever series, frozen par-baked and fully-baked goods. Almost all products from...
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