Food Inc

Topics: Food industry, Emotion, Food Pages: 3 (1088 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Documentary Analysis: Food Inc.

Ever wondered where the food you eat came from? The documentary Food Inc. does exactly that. This film is made by Robert Kenner and Eric Scholosser about the food industry here in America. It focuses on the food industry being a few giant corporations who control everything we eat. The main argument the film brings is that the food industry is very immoral and the government is not doing everything they can to maintain quality, which is putting the public safety at risk. The different views add perspective and each individual is experienced and credible. Their knowledge of the food industry and its inner workings are evident. This increases the likelihood of the audience believing everything said and shown in the film. Food Inc. reveals that companies only care about the profit, not the animals, consumers, workers, or environment. The film attempts to get the audience to feel sympathy for their cause, and call for action.

Food Inc. reveals that companies only care about the profit, not the animals, workers, consumers, or the environment. The filmmakers begin their argument by talking about the negative impact the food industry has on the animals. By doing this, it gets the viewer emotionally involved as it shows chickens and cows being mistreated and used in inhuman practices. Chickens are genetically modified to grow faster as well as contain more white meat. This leads to the chicken being unable to support itself and it barely moves. Imagery from this gets the viewer to feel sympathetic towards the chickens and a feeling of astonishment.

The film successfully gets the viewer to form an emotional bond with the animals in the film. Next, it movies onto how the consumer is being effected by the food industry. Corn is used to feed livestock instead of grass or wheat and this has its consequences. The viewers are informed that corn is largely subsidized by the government and is available cheaply to the corporations....
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