Food Inc Response Paper

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Food IncLance Street
Food Inc. Response
Food Inc
Food Inc is a documentary about the state of the food industry within the United States. was a very in depth look at the farming industry that not a lot of people get to see. There were a few moments and certain topics that stood out to me. This paper will explain my reaction to the film and its contents. This film definitely reminded me that the “bad” food is cheaper and more abundant than it has ever been and we have detached ourselves from how food ends up on our plates. I’ve always thought of food as it is marketed to us, coming from a little farm with a white fence and rolling hills, but this film taught me that all this is simply an illusion. The food actually comes from mega factory farms, I learned. Our society has cheaper food but there have been more E. coli and Salmonella outbreaks in the past twenty years than ever before and obesity and the rate of diabetes are through the roof.  One of the things that truly touched me was the story of the child who died from eating a burger. It was very sad to see a healthy little boy die from mistakes in the food industry. It definitely makes you wonder just how many times has this happened before without the public knowing. This was definitely the one issue that stood out for me among other obvious topics. Overall I have to say that the movie Food Inc. was a huge “eye opener” for me to pay more attention to what I am putting into my body. I need to read labels and do more research rather than buy what they tell me. This movie was a great teacher and I loved it.
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