loblaws report

Topics: Introduction, Marketing, Supermarket, Statements, The Reader, Brand / Pages: 2 (500 words) / Published: Mar 25th, 2014
Since the opening of Loblaw in 1919, the grocery super-chain has taken great leaps to become what it is today. The company takes pride in providing Canadians with quality products with easy access and competitive pricing. Loblaw focuses on supporting local produce by working with suppliers within Canada, but also promises on delivering fresh produce and high quality food items from across the globe. The annual report is highly organized and visually appealing. Certain statements are made in the beginning of the report to make the reader become more comfortable with the company and these statements greatly work in favor for the company. There are some recurring themes, which only enhances their company message and mission statement to their customers. But the financial reporting and trends are analysed by biased opinions and are done so under legal protection.
Recurring Themes
Loblaw’s Annual Report introduces a concept that the organization operates solely on servicing customers as well as its employees. The “we are here to serve you” concept is a recurring theme throughout the whole report. This theme is introduced by informing the reader of the company’s mission statement and internal goals and carries those important points throughout the whole report. It encourages customers to stay loyal to the brand as well as promoting careers within the company. This is a positive theme for a company in the food industry because in today’s market it isn’t just about the products, the service is equally as important.

Corporate Image and Branding
The report emphasizes that Loblaw changes in order to meet current consumer trends. This is executed with a bottom-up approach as well as investments in research and development. The company states that it will invest into further understanding the needs of its customers and employees in order to satisfy them. For example, the superstore aims at providing healthier choices because people are more health

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