The party

Topics: English-language films, Prophet, KILL Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: September 20, 2013

In the future there was a man named Austin Auger. He was a soldier of the UNSC. The 1st soldier was Joel Viola the 2nd soldier was Ethan Pots the 3rd soldier was Terry Lento. All together they were a team. AI BoB was a hologram. They were on a mission to kill the prophets. Austin got called from the UNSC. The UNSC said to Austin they needed him for a mission. Austin called his team for a meeting. He told them he needed them for a mission. Ethan said “what is the mission?” Austin said “the mission is to kill all the prophets”. Ethan was like “oh okay”. The team set off on a plane. They were about 30,000 miles away from where they were before.

It was about 4:00 pm when they got to there destination. The team set up camp for there first night. They slept pretty well over night. So the group went to find some prophets but, they did not find a single one. Then all of a sudden one jumped out and then Terry shot the prophet and Joel was thanking him and he was saying “you’re the best soldier anyone could have”. Suddenly a whole dozen of prophets came running and jumping out. Ethan was like holy mother of lord. Terry was like what do we do? We fight until we get AI BoB to the control center. Ethan’s like “why”? Joel says “Austin just said idiot”. Ethan says “oh”. Austin said “were almost there just one more mile”. Ethan says “a prophet just bit one of my hands and it hurt like hell I can still fill the pain Owww…” Terry says “suck it up”.

Austin and his team made it to the control center and he put AI BoB in the circuit. AI BoB was frying the circuit to the program. Austin grabbed AI BoB he needed to get his team out of the alien ship before it blew up in 30 minutes. Joel called for back up so they could fly out of the ship. They were so close to get to the prophet king but, the prophet king flew away and if they followed him then he would send a prophet after them. Ethan said “ I put a GPS on the prophet kings ship “. Good job Joel said. Terry...
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