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  • Heaven and Hell

    Heaven and Hell Everyone has a soul. Every soul has a destiny. In the Bible‚ God explains that every soul will be judged. God warns mankind that during judgment we will receive a one-way ticket to eternity. The Bible also teaches us that during this life we have two choices. We are granted free will to serve and honor God through Jesus Christ who is in Heaven‚ or we are free moral agents to choose Satan who will reside in Hell. Heaven is good. Hell is evil. The fact that God created mankind’s soul

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  • Proof of Heaven

    the diverse interviews that he had especially with Oprah and Elizabeth Vargas and also from his responses given to the multitude critics of his book‚ Proof of Heaven. Evidence 1 After seven days of coma‚ Dr. Alexander returned to the living world with his beautiful and interesting near-death experience related in his book‚ Proof of Heaven. Seven days in coma was quite enough for Dr. Alexander to Experience what could be called one of the most uncommon and probably impossible adventure for most

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  • Proof of Heaven

    Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife Abigail Alvarado Rhetoric & Composition - English 1302 September 18‚ 2014 Abstract Eben Alexander is a neurosurgeon who believed for many years that when people explained their near death experiences it was just the hard wiring of the brain. Of course ‚though‚ he had refined medical training. It wasn’t until Alexander had caught a rare disease which caused him to fall into a coma and had a near death experience himself. Alexander talks

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  • The Road to Heaven

    The Road to Heaven A Literary Analysis by Joseph A. Bartram For Mrs.Dehr’s ENC 091 Class Summer 2013. Frost’s " The Road Not Taken" is a poem about how a person takes the road less traveled. In this analysis we will discuss what this literary piece means and then how it can be related to real life. In the first stanza it clearly states that it was in the middle of autumn. Which states a lot. It also states that the character could not travel both. When I hear that‚ I have a religious

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  • the kingdom of heaven final

    THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN Deborah Rurisa Dec 17‚ 2014 Entering the kingdom of God is not easy‚ the Kingdom of God is only reserved for the   humble and the righteous . There are different facts about the kingdom of heaven that   people fail to understand  ‚ and it’s our job as Christians to tell others about the kingdom   of God . Joe Dasin‚ a 1900 famous french singer always said‚ “on iras tous au   paradis  ”‚  which  basically  means  we   will  all  go  to  paradise  whether  we  do  good  or 

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  • Judgment In Stairway To Heaven

    and Emeric Pressburger’s Stairway to Heaven‚ originally titled A Matter of Life and Death‚ captures a distant interpretation of traditional views of Heaven‚ Hell‚ and Judgment. The directors do this by reshaping standard images of Heaven‚ eliminating Hell and restructuring Judgment. All together this created a vastly different afterlife than was constructed by classic artists such as Dante‚ and Michelangelo. Death is uniquely contradictory in Stairway to Heaven. Death seems to be both predetermined

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  • Heaven and Hell Report

    Heaven and Hell Report Jacob Koshak This is a story about the journey of a husband and wife‚ Chris and Serena Davis‚ as they both go through two different realms in the afterlife. The story begins with the couple returning from a Festival and being hit by an oncoming 18 wheeler truck. The impact instantly kills them both and both are then sent to be judged by God in the afterlife. Chris is an avowed Christian that is sent to heaven for being faithful to God while Serena‚ being a non-believer

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  • Stairway to Heaven

    How do I get to the Stairway to Heaven? Introduction In 1971‚ Led Zeppelin released a chart topping‚ revolutionary song that is currently still played by many people across the globe. The song “Stairway to Heaven” off of their fourth album( Led Zeppelin IV) was almost an instant hit amongst all people of the United States‚ and various other countries. The song was composed by band members Jimmy Page (guitarist) and Robert Plant ( vocalist). The song is lengthy one‚ with a duration of roughly

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  • Heaven and Hell: an Islamic Perspective

    The Day of Judgment: Heaven or Hell Whether it is a belief in Heaven‚ Paradise‚ Afterlife‚ Shangri-la‚ Nirvana‚ or the Great Pearly Gates in the sky‚ nearly every religion in the world teaches us there will be a realm of eternal delight for devout followers of their teachings as well as a place of shame and despair for those who commit evil. Islam is no exception. In fact over a quarter of the Qur’an’s verse’s relate directly to the next life. Heaven (Jannah) in Islam is a physical place where

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  • Reaching Heaven from Earth

    Reaching Heaven from Earth It is yet another typical day here in my room and just like what I usually do in order to let the time pass‚ I think of random stuff. This time‚ the thought of me‚ dying and how I will die‚ comes to my mind. I imagine myself not waking up from a bad dream or my really old self dying in a hospital bed due to illness or very old age. Questions like ‘How am I going to die? What would it be like? How does it feel? Where do I actually go‚ wait‚ do I really go somewhere?’ suddenly

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