Black Hawk Down

Topics: Battle of Mogadishu, Black Hawk Down, Gary Gordon Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: June 19, 2013
This is a movie about the Battle of Mogadishu or commonly known as Black Hawk down. It started on the 3rd of October with what was supposed to be a quick “snatch and grab” operation. The operation was only to last thirty minutes. Under the command of Capt. Mike Steele they were to insert soldiers to capture two top lieutenants of a warlord Mohamed Farrrah Aidid. Things went terribly wrong when a black hawk was shot down by an RPG (rocket propelled grenade). It then became a rescue mission to save the soldiers from the crash site. The next thing they knew there were hundreds of Somali gunmen. They were now fighting for their lives. In the process of fighting their way to the crash site another black hawk was shot down. Now Rangers and Delta Force were fighting their way to two crash sites. In the process they secure the first crash site and are blocked in almost every direction. At a certain point in time two Delta Force snipers volunteered to cover the second crash site until a convoy could help get the downed pilot CW4 Michael Durant and in turn gave their lives defending him. They fought through the night facing thousands of militia, women and children. On the morning of the second day they secured the second crash site while the pilot CW4 Durant was captured. Then was the move to get out of the city alive. A convoy made up of UN and 10th Mountain Div. were to extract the injured soldiers. With not enough room in the vehicles the remaining soldiers had to get out of the city on foot. Running through the city running low on ammunition and energy they made it to the stadium in the UN Safe Zone.  

Black Hawk Down
It could be said that it led to the deaths of thousands of Somali militia, but clans were fighting constantly before and after, the country was in civil war and the men in the fight all fought hard and they went to a massive extent to remove the bodies from the downed black hawk, super 6-1, and two delta snipers, SFC Randy Shughart and MSG Gary...

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