Scorpions by Walter Dean Myers

Topics: Want, Need, Lebanon, Tennessee Pages: 2 (725 words) Published: July 12, 2013
This book is about a kid named Jamal Hicks, and his best friend named Tito Cruz. Jamal have a brother that is in jail, because he stabbed another person, so Jamal’s mama need to get the money to get him out of jail. Jamal has a bad time at school, because he doesn’t do his homework, and he is always getting in trouble, and he is always on Mr. Davidson office {the principal of the school}. He also has a young sister named Sassy.

At school there is a kid named Dwayne, and he always a bother to Jamal, thats why sometimes Jamal gets in trouble. His brother Randy the one that in jail, he had a group named the Scorpions he was the leader the group, the group does lots of things, like they sold drugs, and crack, and stuff like that. Jamal have a friend in the Scorpions his named is Mack, and Mack told to Jamal that if he want to collect the money that were 2000 thousand dollars, he can be in the Scorpions and he can be the leader, he said that he can take Randy place until he gets out of jail. The next day Jamal told to Tito that he is going to run the Scorpions, and that he can be there too with him. The next day they went together with Mack to go and meet the other Scorpions, and Mack gave a gun to the kids, so they feel protected, so they go with the other guys and there were 3 guys one was Indian, Blood, and Angel. Jamal told them that he is only 12 years old, and he is very young to run this group, but know he is the leader of the Scorpions.

In school Dwayne bothers Jamal, so Jamal gets angry, and Dwayne said that he wants to fight Jamal outside, but Jamal had to bring the gun to school, so when they were fighting Jamal took the gun and scared Dwayne, but Dwayne in the fight punched Jamal in the face. Jamal is scared that Dwayne is gonna tell somebody about the gun. Tito and Jamal are thinking if they are going to throw the gun away, so Jamal told Tito that if he can keep this for a while. Indian the one that wants to be the leader is trying to hurt...
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