The Fast-Food Management

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1. The fast-food management
Our goal is to put the restaurant 100 percent customer satisfaction. That is, customers can get fast food services to more than his original expectations for the service. This requires staff to have professionalism and customer services to be nuanced. High-quality products (Q), fast friendly service (S), sanitation (C) dining environment and excellent value for money (V) is a fast-food management of the four elements. Q. S. C. V.

The quality of products, namely QSCV in the "Q" (Quality)
Selected products of its weight, quality, health status, processing requirements, packaging, transport, storage, and so have very strict standards. For example, in strict accordance with the order modulation drooping, so that each of the seasonings and raw materials, like the quantification. Out of a lunch by the shortcomings of different cooks done no tastes like. We use a uniform standard, a point of order, time and method to enable customers both in today or tomorrow, can enjoy the same quality of Chinese food. Services, QSCV in the "S" (Service)

Fast-food service requirements for customers to feel warm, comfortable, fast, as far as possible to meet customer requirements. Cashiers must be in strict accordance with the norms to operate the cash register, may not have the slightest bit careless. Fast food is also available in a receptionist system, a receptionist at meals will help customers to customers, nuanced and services so that customers have the dining experience at home. Sanitation, QSCV in the "C" (Clean)

Fast food has a strict sanitary integrity of the system, which includes: hand cleaner, and daily, weekly and monthly routine cleaning. The restaurant every employee will use different tools for different cleaning the cleaning work, cleaning is a traditional hand. Each employee will care, love, attention (TLC) to each customer left a beautiful dining experience. Value for money, that is, QSCV in the "V" (Value)

Value for money not only in the delicious products, but also to consumers at a reasonable price, is to enjoy the trust of the quality, cordial and courteous service and comfortable dining environment and health. 二. Outlook

A fast-food industry's most influential and most popular restaurant brand. We should try to understand the real needs of customers, and to take all measures to meet their needs, and the most important principle is "a customer as a result."

三. Customers to visit the equation
Product quality products value + + + Quality of Service dining environment = again visit the decision 31% + + 13 per cent (56 per cent) = 100%
四. Customer expectations

1). Restaurant clean;
2). Friendly staff;
3) to provide food accurate;
4). Proper facilities management;
5). Excellent food, quality and stability;
6). Speedy service.
五. Customer complaints
* Remember: Even if we do not consider themselves done nothing wrong, but the customer is always the most important thing. A. Some complain that restaurant staff can handle any one of, for example: 1). Meals incorrect;

2). Packaging is not correct;
3) product quality problems;
4). Attitude;
5). Unclean, such as tables and chairs.
B. Necessary by the restaurant manager, manager on duty to solve the problem: 1). Food poisoning, or food safety-related diseases;
2). Contaminated food;
3) a foreign body in food;
4). Emergencies, harm or injury;
5) staff to handle, so that customer satisfaction can not complain; 6). Customer requirements, management come forward to resolve the complaint; C. Dealing with customers complaining about the basic procedures: Focus on listening to:

1). Listen carefully, so that customers feel we are sincere understanding and handling issues; 2). Eyes of customers that respect;
3) to confirm the customer is fully aware of the problem;
4). Knowledge of the facts;
5). Body language to express our concern on the issue;
6) Do not Dongnu, and we intend to solve the problem;
7). Judgement of whatever...
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