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Food Safety

1-What type of hazard could occur by wearing jewelry while preparing food? A-Physical and biological 2- The greatest concern about having the pests in restaurants is that they will ----------- A-? 3-bactarial growth can be minimized by ------ A- Time temperature oxygen moisture 4-The term sanitizing is defind as: A- Reducing harmful microorganism to safe level 5-The proper sequence for cleaning food contact in a three compartment sink is: A- Wash,rinse and sanitize 6- Which will be the best method...

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controls identified that will be adhered to by all. 2.2 Catastrophic Hazards: In business today, there are two different types of risk. General risks or personal safety Hazards that can result in a serious injury or significant incident, but that are unlikely to result in fatalities or catastrophe. Major or catastrophic or process safety Hazards with the potential to cause fatalities, major tragedy or catastrophic failure. The two types of risk have very different characteristics and therefore require...

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Food safety

2003, the WHO and FAO published the Codex Alimentarius which serves as a guideline to food safety.[5] However, according to Unit 04 - Communication of Health & Consumers Directorate-General of the European Commission (SANCO): "The Codex, while being recommendations for voluntary application by members, Codex standards serve in many cases as a basis for national legislation. The reference made to Codex food safety standards in the World Trade Organizations' Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary...

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Food Safety

 Food Safety Mandeep Eng 215 1st August, 2015 Strayer university “Should changes be made to the regulations for foods that are served in public schools?” This is a controversial topic, and there are two parties as well who supported this fact and who are against this fact. The number of students getting sick because of the food served in schools cannot be neglected as well. I want to add the case of a student who died from food poisoning last year in my community. The food served was...

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Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individual's

Unit 9450 Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for indviduals 1.1) The top priority in any kitchen is hygiene. It is important that preparing, serving, and storing food is done correctly. When preparing food, the area must be completely clean and free of bacteria before and after use. Serving food must also be done correctly. Use the correct PPE. Storing food is one most important key factor. It is important to store food correctly in fridges and food is protected, such as...

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Food Safety

Food Safety in America In America, we take many things for granted such as the safety of the food we eat. We are also informed by the various government agencies that share responsibility for monitoring our food supply (Environmental Protection Agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture) that it is indeed safe and well regulated. For example, the Food and Drug Administration states, “For 100 years, the U.S. Food and Drug...

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Food Sanitation (Chapter 2)

Level of Awareness and Practices on Food Safety and Sanitation among Third Year Students in Malayan Colleges Laguna: Input to Food Safety Program Chapter 2 Literature Review As stated by Ko (2011), about 15%-20% of food poisoning that was caused of temperature abuse and cross contamination in Taiwan occurred at schools. While in America, students that works on food establishments were tested to know their proper knowledge when it comes to food safety and it the test shows that only 39% of the...

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Food Contamination

illnesses directly resulting from food contamination cause approximately 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year in the United States. The rise of food-related illnesses can be mostly attributed to increased eating out. Half of every dollar spent on food in this country is spend on food prepared outside of the home. As the amount of people involved preparing our food rises, so does the risk of contracting an illness from food (Levitt). The people at the greatest...

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Food Poisoning

Food Contamination and Poisoning      You know when eating some kind of food, and it doesn’t taste right, look right or smell right? That means it could be contaminated with a dangerous substance that could harm the body. Food poisoning is the result of ingesting organisms or toxins in food. Food poisoning can affect one person, or it can occur as an outbreak among several people who all ate the same thing. Even though food poisoning is quite rare in North America, food poisoning affects 60 to 80...

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Food Poisoning

well-organized. For practicing and delivering the speech, the speaker does not use the outline, but instead uses brief notes that are based on the outline.   Food Poisoning Charmae Theisz     General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to minimize the risk of food poisoning Central Idea: You can minimize food poisoning in your home by practicing cleanliness and temperature control.   INTRODUCTION I.           Attention Material A.   Here is a bowl of fresh...

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Food Safety: a Health Issue

Food safety A major Health Issue What is Food Safety? Food Safety is all conditions and actions necessary to ensure the safety of food at all stages. This refers to the conditions and practices to prevent contamination and food-borne illnesses. (FDA) Food safety is an essential health function. Food can be contaminated and judged unsafe in many ways. Contamination can occur during the packaging process, by inadequate cooking or storage. Also, different food products may already have different...

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Basic Food Safety

Every food establishment uses, processes, and sells food in different ways. However, the general issues and key principles of food safety remain the same, whatever the style of the operation. All food safety training programs should contain the "big 3" factors that could cause food to become unsafe. Food must be kept out of harms way from human errors, but if you don't train food workers what they are, they won't know why these factors are so important. The basics can make all the difference. The...

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Food Safety and Information Bulletin

17, 2010 I. Introduction II. Identify some common safety issues related to food purchase, storage and preparation. III. What is Food Safety IV. What criteria might the readers use to determine sources of credible nutritional information V. Conclusion Introduction   Nutrition is the relationship of foods to the health of the human body. Proper nutrition means that you are receiving enough foods and supplements for the body to function at optimal capacity...

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Food Regulations in the Usa

Food Regulations in the USA Written by Harley Hodge Everyone has heard the stories about mad cow disease and other food-borne diseases coming into the United States from countries such as United Kingdom and China. Besides that locally, foodborne illnesses are among the top of deaths within the United States. Cause of these deaths, most could be prevented if better rules and regulations were in place federally and locally in the United States. In this paper I will be discussing insight on how...

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Food Safety Bulletin

Food Safety Bulletin No Name March 12, 2012 University of Phoenix Food Safety Bulletin According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 6 Americans become sick or hospitalized. About 3,000 Americans die yearly of foodborne diseases. Our country governs agencies and is notorious for slapping on strict guidelines for the food industry. Factories go through vigorous inspections and tests periodically to ensure that they operate a safe environment. Even with these strict guidelines...

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Taco Bell - Food Safety

Subject: Strategic response for public perception and brand protection in rundown crises of food safety. The Stakes: Taco bell face a threat of brand prishment in public perception that Taco bell is linked in serving or selling tinted food product, due to recent finding Cry9c in Taco bell branded products sold in grocery stores nationwide, It will also carry the same perception that Taco bell is serving the same tinted taco’s in its restaurant, in fact Taco bell has nothing to do with production...

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What Is Food Microbiology

What is Food Microbiology Food microbiology is the study of food micro-organisms; how we can identify and culture them, how they live, how some infect and cause disease and how we can make use of their activities. Microbes are single-cell organisms so tiny that millions can fit into the eye of a needle. They are the oldest form of life on earth. Microbe fossils date back more than 3.5 billion years to a time when the Earth was covered with oceans that regularly reached the boiling point, hundreds...

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Food Safety

Food is an essential constituent in human life. Nevertheless, some foods can be detrimental to a person’s organism by causing life-threatening diseases. For that reason, food safety comes into play. Food safety is a scientific discipline describing handling, preparation, and storage of food in ways that prevent illness. This includes a set of laws that should be followed to stay away from potentially severe health hazards. Food can transmit disease from individual to individual, and also serves...

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Food Safety Management

Part 1 Food Safety Management a) With reference to a food item in your chosen work place, describe four distinct food safety hazards, including details of how each hazard could occur (4 X 3 marks) Food Item: - Chicken Korma (Key ingredients-cream, almonds& gravy served with rice) Microbiological Hazards: - Cooking, cooling & storing in inadequate temperature and transporting without care of cross contamination Pathogenic bacteria produce and multiply. Campylobacter–Generally under...

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Work: Food Safety Temperature

and serving food. P6- Explain safe practices necessary in preparing, cooking and serving food in a health or social care setting. In this assignment I am going to be outlining and explaining safe practices necessary in preparing, cooking and serving food in a health or social care setting and relevant legislation in relation to preparing, cooking and serving food. Safe practices of food preparation, cooking and service Hygiene Control When you are working in a hospital with food, it is highly...

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Food Safety Awareness

Common Food Safety Issues The five major areas of concern are: 1. The improper cooling of food 2. The lack of use of thermometers 3. Unacceptable food storage procedures 4. Incorrect utilization of sanitizer 5. Insufficient hand washing The problems are addressed in each of the areas summarized below. The Food Safety Checklist item or sections that establish the minimum standard(s) are referenced. Cooling Food • Implement the use of cooling procedures to assure that all leftover...

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Climate Change and Food Borne Illness

Jane Ventura Dr. John Schillinger HSCI 132 November 10, 2012 Climate Change and Food Borne Illness Climate has always played a significant role in placing food on the tables of millions of families. It seems that we have regressed judging from the way that our ancestors have lived their lives to the way that we have become dependent on mass production of food. We have managed to sabotage our health as well as that of the Earth’s. The changes in weather patterns have gradually impacted agriculture...

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Issues and Challenges in Food Service Sector

Challenges that the Food service Industry faces can be broadly divided into the following categories: * Economic /Market Factors * Operational Factors * Fragmented Supply Chain * Government/ Regulatory Factors * Consumers Factors Economic/ Market Factors * Rising Food Costs: Food price inflation is a key factor affecting the food services market in India and is impacted by delayed monsoons, the economic slowdown and unfavourable demand-supply conditions. Across all food services formats...

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Food Adultration

What is Food Adulteration? Public health is now fasing a major threat due to adulterated food. Food adulteration is the process of adding chemical substances with foods, which should not be contained within food and beverages. Adulterated Food is food that is generally unsafe, impure and toxic. Causes behind Food Adulteration A section of dishonest businessmen is engaged in this illegal practice to make windfall profit. When profit in business is more important than morality, then...

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Skill and Food Safety

accreditation number: Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals HSC 2029 2 2 15 T/601/9450 Unit purpose and aim This unit is aimed at those working in a wide range of settings. It provides the learner with the knowledge and skills required to meet food safety requirements when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food. Learning Outcomes The learner will: 1 Understand the importance of food safety measures when providing food and drink for individuals Assessment...

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food and safety

Food Safety Standards 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements The Food Act 1984 requires all food business operators and food handlers to comply with the Food Safety Standards. Standard 3.2.2 Food Safety Practices and General Requirements sets clear requirements for food businesses to make sure that food does not become unsafe or unsuitable. This Standard sets the requirements for all food handling activities within your business such as; the receipt of food, storage, processing...

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Cooking and Food Safety Measures

Task 1 Q1 – Identify potential food safety hazards when preparing, serving, clearing away and storing food and drink. People can get sick if the food they eat has harmful chemicals or microorganisms. This is called food-borne illness. The goal of food safety is to prevent the hazards that cause food-borne illness or injury. Most of the hazards in food are things you cannot see, smell, or taste. - Physical hazard: Hard or soft objects in food that can cause injury. For example...

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Food Adulteration in India and Law Related to It.

What Is Food Adulteration? Under the Prevention of Food Adulterant Act, an Adulterant is any material which be employed for the purposes of adulteration. Any article of food is adulterated if : 1. If any inferior or cheaper substance has been substituted wholly or in part, 2. If any constituent of the article ahs been wholly or in part abstracted 3. If the article has been prepared, packed or kept under insanitary conditions 4. If the article consists in part filthy, rotten, decomposed or...

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NVQ level 2

Meet food safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals 1.1 Workers should be aware of and practice personal Hygiene - eg, hand washing. Food stored at correct temperature Food stored in correct conditions - eg raw meat not contaminating cooked meat & veg Not using same utensils for raw meat and other foods Food should be served at the correct temperature; temperature should be monitored if food is kept in warming trays 1.2 It is important to implement food safety...

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Liebeck V. Mcdonald's. Restaurants

1. Describe the company and the product safety issue that led to the lawsuit The name of this case in this report is the Liebeck v. McDonald's. Restaurants and the court in which the lawsuit was filed was The Second Judicial District Court in Bernalillo County, New Mexico. The lawsuit was filed with the original complaint was filed on March 21, 1993, and the plaintiff only sued P.T.S., Inc., a New Mexico corporation and the local franchise operator. “McDonald’s coffee spill" tort case became a...

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How to Ensure Food Safety

How to Ensure Food Safety Food microbiology Submitted to Mam Azra Submitted by Syeda shadab zahid M.sc previous College of Home Economics University of Peshawar Food safety: Food safety is the utilization of various resources and strategies to ensure that all types of foods are properly stored, prepared, and preserved so they are safe for consumption. Practicing this level of food sanitation begins with the purchase or acquisition of different food items and ends with the proper storage...

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Taco Bell Case Study

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY (C/S) WORKSHEET PURPOSE: General: Identify and address key issues behind recent outbreak and food safety image while maintaining customer loyalty and consumer behavior. Action: Investigate, test, and report all possible sources of E. Coli and Hepatitis A (including all midpoints between farm and restaurant), evaluate store sanitation procedures and inventory logistics, report findings and recommendations as required by regulatory agencies. Communicate: Once sources...

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The New Year's Eve Crisis

and damage to its reputation. Mike’s can hide this information from the restaurant chain or even instruct them to pasteurize the food to inactivate the bacteria. However, any slip-ups can lead to regulatory issues and multi-million dollar lawsuits. It is recommended that Mike’s should initiate a food recall. Although this is a costly option, but it ensures public safety and garners customer and employee goodwill, which will be beneficial in the long-term. * Number of words: 108 Table of Contents ...

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Perfect Competition

2. Foodborne disease outbreaks pose a threat to public health. What makes multistate outbreaks particularly challenging? The things that make multistate outbreaks are The continued growth and expansion within the food industry and the transport of food across multiple state lines have made identifying the sources of and subsequently tracking multistate FBDOs more complicated (Alios, Moore, Griffin, & Tauxe, 2004),Additionally, outbreaks caused by fresh produce transported across...

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Assessment 1

HOSPITALITY EMPLOYEE RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES WORKBOOK 1.1A State employee and employer rights and responsibilities under employment laws. Nearly everything is cover by law; but, the key aspects are: health and safety; employments rights and responsibilities and pay and pensions. 1.1B State employee and employer rights and responsibilities under employment law for Equality To ensure that people are treated fairly an employer can: train staff on equality and diversity topics, develop policies...

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Listeria Monocytogenes

Listeria monocytogenes can cause a food borne illness called Listeriosis. (Murano 2003) This bacterium can be found in soil and water. (Murano 2003) Unlike many other germs, it can grow in cold temperatures such as the refrigerator. Listeria monocytogenes can be killed by pasteurization and cooking. (Murano 2003) Some foods that are typically contaminate by Listeria monocytogenes are a variety of raw foods, processed foods and foods made from unpasteurized milk. Vegetables can become contaminated...

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Macgregor Case

reference to Beatrice’s food poisoning, The Food Safety Act 1990 can be referenced, as it states in section 3, article (2): Presumptions that food intended for human consumption: Any food commonly used for human consumption shall, if sold or offered, exposed or kept for sale, be presumed, until the contrary is proved, to have been sold or, as the case may be, to have been or to be intended for sale for human consumption. The defendant is therefore responsible for the food prepared by its restaurant...

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Bacteriological Quality of Milk and Poultry

salmonella in poultry.It was to investigate bacteriological quality of milk and poultry. Salmonella is areprobably the most important cause of food borne illness globally.Staphylocooccus aureus all cause food borne diseases if consumed in a contaminated milk. For milk a spread plate method was used and for poultry a streak method was applied using different Medias. All food contain a certain amount of microorganisms of one or different type. Introduction Salmonellosi is an important global health problem...

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Business Law Case Study

areas of law. (4 marks) This article reports on diners consumption on fast food contaminated with cleaning product, caustic soda. Criminal Law Even supposing that this unlawful act is an involuntary manslaughter, it still falls under criminal law as it involves non-deliberate harming or even killing of other individuals caused by the perpetrator. The food contamination which leads to food poisoning was in fact without intent or malice aforethought. Tort Law The perpetrator...

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Food Safety Legislation and Regulations Hospitality Notes

FOOD SAFETY LEGISLATION & REGULATIONS: Food Act 2003 (NSW) - The Food Act is the main legislation relating to the safe handling of food for sale. - Its main aim is to protect the public health by preventing the sale of contaminated food. Key Points of Food Act 2003 (NSW) - It is an offence to sell contaminated food or food that has been falsely described. - The food premises and food handler must also conform to certain minimum standards of hygiene or risk prosecution, considerable...

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Foodborn Illness

transmitted through ingestion of food poorly handled and not kept at the proper temperatures. The spores are resistant to high heat and some spores can survive boiling water for up to an hour if in a protective medium, such as meat (Al-Kahldi, 2012). The spores turn into the full bacteria after cooking, during the cool down and storage phase. C.perfringens spores replicate more rapidly than most other bacteria. During the cooling process, it reaches poisonous levels. When food is not reheated to the proper...

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M1 Explain how to manage an outbreak of

kept short so no bacteria are carried under the nails and the nails are being kept clean. Food handling is one of the major ways that bacteria is spread but it will not spread if you follow the correct procedure no matter where a care home, hospital when you are handling food you need to make sure that you are carrying out the correct procedure of food handling. Following the correct procedures when handling food can help eliminate the risk of infection in any health care setting. For example a refrigerator...

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Benefits and Challenges of International Education

colleges enroll more international students? What the intuitions actual need to work on is the indifference relationship between international students and domestic students. (Paul Barron 3) Safety According to Lyonga, food safety risks threats international students who just encounter new and unfamiliar foods. Her study assessed the prevalence of self-reported foodborne illness among international students which indicated 28.6% respondents have been sick due to foodborne illness within the past...

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Working Conditions of the Meat Industry

whether or not I agree with certain changes recommended by the HRW in regards to work safety when it comes to immigrant workers. I will provide my opinion and consider some of the utilitarian and deontological considerations. In 1906, Upton Sinclair's novel "The Jungle" uncovered harrowing conditions inside America's meat packing plants and initiated a period of transformation in the nation's meat industry. The Pure Food and Drug Act and the Federal Meat Inspection Act were both passed later that year...

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Sheldon Snead

independently or with other as a team. Fifth I am a flexible well rounded worker who excels in a fast-paced environment looking for a position with growth opportunities. Last most people say I have an outgoing personality who is also familiar with cash and food handling procedures, and possesses strong communication and time management skills. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skills * * Quick Learner ...

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injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations (RIDDOR) (1995) - By law certain incidents/accidents have to be reported to the appropriate people. * Food safety & general food hygiene regulation (1995) – Knowledge of basic hygiene within food preparation and daily chores. * Family law act (1996) – ensures the safety and best interest of the child. * Disability discrimination act (1995) – Ensures that the rights of those with disabilities. * Code of practice for first...

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Man Is the Architect of His Life

rest1,226 (68.4%) failed the test. A study conducted by Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) across 33 states has found that milk was adulterated with detergent, fat and even urea, besides the age-old practice of diluting it with water. Across the country, 68.4% of the samples were found contaminated. These were sent to government laboratories like Department of Food and Drug Testing of Puducherry, Central Food Laboratory in Pune, Food Reasearch and Standardization Laboratory in Ghaziabad...

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I Have No Essay

Define the basic nutritional requirements of children and young people to ensure a balanced diet and meet government guidance 4.2 Explain how to establish the different dietary requirements of children and young people 4.3 Describe basic food safety when providing food and drink to children and young people Additional information about the unit Unit purpose and aims The purpose of this unit is to develop the learners understanding of why a positive environment is important to the individual needs...

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Nutrition and Young People

basic nutritional requirements of children and young people to ensure a balanced diet and meet government guidance. 4.2. Explain how to establish the different dietary requirements of children and young people. 4.3. Describe basic food safety when providing food and drink to children and young people. Additional information about the unit: Relationship to occupational standards – provided with the QCF unit There are links with: CCLD205 – Prepare and Maintain environments to meet children’s...

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Milk is a great blessing of nature. It is a complete food from the few months baby to the elder person. It provides the entire elements needed by a body for its development and growth such as protein, water, carbohydrates, minerals, fat and vitamins. It not only provides power but also enhances immunity to fight against many different types of pathogens. It is necessary for the growth of bones and for the blood clotting. It fulfills body’s calcium requirement. 100g of cow’s milk contains 3.9g fat...

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Final Exam 2013

THE UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES SCHOOL OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FOOD2320 Food Microbiology FOOD2627 Food Microbiology Final Examination November 2013 Time allowed: THREE (3) hours Total number of questions: THREE (3) Answer all three questions Total marks: 60 All questions are of equal value (20 marks) This exam will contribute 40% to the final mark for the subject This paper may be retained by the candidate Answers must be written in ink. Except where they are expressly required...

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Unit 1 - Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Caree

to take extra care with hearing visual and cerebral palsy people Food poisoning Assessment Food that is served at the cinema could pose a risk of food poisoning. If food, especially meat is left out in the open for too long then it could start to grow bacteria. If food is cooked in the morning or afternoon and left all day without being sold for hours, it could cause someone to become ill as a result. The way that the food is stored and handled is also a risk because if it is not stored in the...

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Product Description ---CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd Tiara Layer Cakes Created Date:2014-08-08 Posted Date : 2011-04-08 Expiry Date : 2011-04-15 Min. Order Quantity : 400 Ton Price Term : FOB Port : Colombo Price : Negotiable Payment Terms : L/C Production Capacity : 15 Ton Per Month Delivery Time : 4 weeks Packaging Details : 310g cake in a metalized printed pack and a Boxboard carton * 12 box board cartons per Master caton Brief Product Description Tiara Layer Cakes are highly...

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Case Study

Questions and Answers Information about Wine Conclusion Introduction This assignment consists of two Case Studies about Remarkable Service and Menu Review. This happens to be an interesting assignment as one of the Case Studies talks about Food poisoning, and that now the resort is losing its clients. What steps should be taken? The manager makes a mistake and the resort has to pay. In the second Case Study, by being knowledgeable about white wine; I have been given a chance to add three...

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meet food and safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals

meet food and safety requirements when providing food and drink for individuals 1.1 food safety hazards when preparing, serving, storing and cleaning away food and drinks are of three types, namely, biological and chemical hazards. 1.2 this is important because it prevents food poisoning for the individual for e.g. if i don't take all the necessary precautions when preparing food or drink, the service user may get food poisoning which could end with the service user going into hospital....

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Bacterial Contamination April 15, 2013 Bacteria Contamination The definition of bacterial contamination is food contamination refers to foods that are spoiled or tainted because they either contain microorganisms, such as bacteria or parasites, or toxic substances that make them unfit for consumption This is very serious and people should take more precaution, food contamination is a serious because it results in foodborne diseases that each year affect an estimated seventy-six million...

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Decrease in Supply of Dalda Ghee


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Investigation of Unusual Spike in Student Absences

had 7 confirmed cases of similar GI symptoms. Hypotheses behind student absences: Food Poisoning due to cross contamination is responsible for the student absences. * The symptoms of food poisoning can develop rapidly, within 30 minutes, or slowly, worsening over days to weeks. Most of the common contaminants cause: * nausea * vomiting * diarrhea * abdominal cramping * fever * Usually food poisoning is not serious, and the illness runs its course in 24-48 hours ...

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Audiologist – they will check the child’s hearing levels to make sure they are ok Dentist – will give advice on how to keep your teeth and gums healthy Dieticians – will work to give advice on what the right nutrients the children will need and what food to let them eat. In my setting we have leaflets available at the front door for the parents to take and have a look at them GP doctors – are the first person to check the child to give the right care and to give the right referrals if required Paediatrician...

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Professionalism or Professional Behavior

The only yoghurt in stock has passed its ‘sell by date’. If the yoghurt is sold there will be income otherwise it will be thrown away which will be a loss for the business. What could be said to the customers? The business needs to be aware that food that is past their sell by date can still be sold. They will have to have a special on the remaining yoghurt stock and put up a notice saying clearly that they are having a sale on the yoghurt. However they will have to state clearly that the yoghurts...

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