Castle Family Restaurant

Topics: Management, Automatic Data Processing, Human resource management system Pages: 5 (1300 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Course Project: Stage II
HRM340: Human Resource Information Systems


Various types of HRIS systems and processes have been reviewed to help Jay Morgan and Family Castle Restaurant run more efficiently as a business. Jay Morgan the Operations Manager, have been using outdated methods for scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions from its employees. Maintaining accurate books and keeping constant communication with the Managers have been a challenge for Jay Morgan. If an accurate HRIS system can be implemented, Jay Morgan will be able to achieve more in business with less time and travel.


Castle Family Restaurant is a family friendly dinning facility that has 8 locations, employing some part time employees and over 40% of fulltime employees. The locations are strategically located across the state of Florida in the hearts of neighborhoods that are suitable for any family. Castle Family provides a simple, old fashioned and pleasant dining experience. “Togetherness” is the culture that is promoted and the goal is to mimic the old fashioned restaurant environment where the family can sit, laugh and enjoy a meal together.

Restaurants compete for customers every day, and proficiency is critical to providing quality customer service. In Rasmussen Reports, National Survey of 1000 Adults, more than 50 percent of Americans reported in 2011 say that they ate at a restaurant at least once a week, with 20 percent reporting eating out twice or more each week” (as cited in The Aspen Institute, 2012). They also reported that the restaurant industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing sectors of our economy, (The Aspen Institute, 2012). Technology needs to be implemented at Castle Family Restaurant so that they can position themselves to easily take advantage of consumer spending.

The staff of any restaurant industry needs to be able to meet the needs of the customers and the Managers are responsible for meeting the needs of the employees. Castle Family Restaurant operates on a structure of one level management. The average restaurant staff is comprised of a manager, kitchen help, front-line order takers, cashiers, cooks, and wait staff. Managers must assign team members to various shifts depending on their job description and responsibilities. The goal for Castle Family Restaurant is to streamline processes so that they can have a well-run establishment that promotes profitability, growth and opportunity.


Incorporating automation into Castle Family Restaurant’s payroll system will save Morgan money and time. He will save on gasoline costs by doing business without travel. He will also save time by implementing the payroll system that will streamline the staff payroll process to be more efficient and accurate. He will no longer enter data and figures into an excel spreadsheet; he will rely on an automated web-based time clock. Implementing technology will minimize human error and allow for calculations, scheduling and communications to be more accurate.

Another impediment for the business is that the locations are spread apart and not easily accessible. In order to maintain the appropriate level of communication with his managers, Jay has to drive from location to location. Jay Morgan can make better use of his time by with the ability to accurately schedule employees and affirm their availability remotely. We will focus on one HRIS systems which is the need for web based time clocks for employee tracking, as well as, an automated system to calculate payroll. This will eliminate some practices that in the long run, will cost the business revenue.


A web-based time clock provided by AsureForce should be implemented. “AsureForce time tracking software is a powerful application that allows you to easily automate payroll processing, saving time and resources for more strategic functions”...

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