The Exploitation of Labour

Topics: Slavery, Caribbean, Haiti, Cuba, Indigenous peoples of the Americas, Atlantic slave trade / Pages: 3 (664 words) / Published: Jan 20th, 2011

The history of the Caribbean is the history of exploitation of labor discuss with reference to two of the following labor systems 1. Encomienda 2. Slavery 3. Indenture ship
To properly analyze the above heading the definition of the keyword must first be found. The word exploitation can be defined as a situation in which someone treats someone else unfairly in order to get money or an advantage for themselves, while the word Labor means the effort of work especially physical work. With that said we can now say that the history of the Caribbean is a history situations in which workers were been treated unfairly personal gain of their employers. The exploitation of labour with reference to the Encomienda labour system; it can be clearly seen that the Tainos were treated unfairly in this system seen that they were forced to work hard in the mines and on the plantations with little or next to nothing for payment, they were given no choice to choose to work or not they were in fact slaves. The Tainos were taught Christianity in hope that they would subject to the Spanish rules, they were given little privacy see that the females were raped. The Encomienda system took a heavy toll on the Amerindian in that geographical area, they were treated like ‘Dogs’ i.e. they were treated were beaten brutally beaten, they were kicked and whipped. The females were victims of rape and because of this they contracted venereal diseases. The Tainos also contracted other European diseases such as small pox, measles and cold. With all said and done the exploitation of labour with reference to the Encomienda system cause genocide of the Indian race in the Caribbean geographical region. The Exploitation of labour with reference to Slavery was another story by itself. Slavery was another means of enslavement used as control , people were taken from Africa and brought to the Caribbean where they became the possessions of a white ruler

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