Early Encounters Between American Indians and European Colonists Led to a Variety of Relationships Among the Different Cultures. Analyze How Actions Taken by Both American Indians and European Colonists Shaped Those

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, United States, Connecticut, New England / Pages: 7 (1654 words) / Published: Sep 12th, 2013
FRQ #1
Topic: Early encounters between American Indians and European colonists led to a variety of relationships among the different cultures. Analyze how actions taken by BOTH American Indians and European colonists shaped those relationships in each of the following regions: New England, the Chesapeake, the Spanish Southwest, and New York and New France.
Thesis: Actions such as Bacon’s Rebellion, the Powhatan Wars, King Phillip’s War, the Encomienda, the New England Confederation, and the Fur Trade, Dutch and French.
New England: King Phillip’s War is the first supporting idea. * The New England Confederation put to the test during war with Indian chieftain King Phillip (Metacom)—Wampanoag Chief son of Massasoit. The impact of the war led to Native Americans effectively removed from MB, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
The Chesapeake: Bacon’s Rebellion and the Anglo-Powhatan Wars are the second supporting idea. * Nathaniel Bacon, an aristocrat in western Virginia and member of House of Burgesses began mobilizing a militia to protect whites from Indians. Bacon’s rebels opposed to aristocrats and Indians. The Powhatan Wars were three wars fought between Virginians, and the Powhatan in the early 17th c. War resulted in a boundary being defined between the Indians and English.
The Spanish Southwest, New York and New France: the Encomienda (S.W.), the New England Confederation and the Fur Trade Dutch/French (N.Y. &N.F.) is the third supporting idea. * Amerindians forced to do unpaid labor to build roads, buildings, and other infrastructure in towns through the Encomienda System (S.W.) * The N.E. Confederation made specifically for collective security against the Indians (N.Y) * The Beaver Fur Trade led to exploration of much of N.A. coureurs de bois: fur traders (N.F.)
FRQ #2
Topic: Analyze the extent to which democratic ideals existed in colonial America prior to the American Revolution. Use relevant information between the years 1607 and

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