The Effect of the Columbian Exchange

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Egyptian Arabic Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: January 11, 2013
Nowadays, People laugh at myths for being silly and nonsensical but myth are what kept our ancestors alive. Some of us still believe that God created Earth because there is no other sensible reason that exists until date. This was also true in Ancient Egypt. People thought that the most sensible answer to ANY question would be coming from their deities. In general, mythology helped Egyptian people to understand natural phenomena. It encouraged the acceptance of one's place in the world as being justified by the gods. Additionally, serving the gods gave people a purpose in life. Ancient Egyptians were curious people who tried to answer questions about the universe, human nature, and life after death. Mythology helped the Ancient Egyptians understand the natural phenomena that take place on Earth. Ancient Egyptians had a whole different culture and they believed that there was an afterlife, “Osiris is killed by Set and his wife finds his dead body and is determined to give him a proper burial on Egyptian soil. This is where the myth about the afterlife and mummification came from.” (Hobbs). This revealed truths about nature, the universe and life after death for the Ancient Egyptian people. In those times, mythology answered all their questions about natural occurrences because time, clocks and science did not exist. Egyptians explained that a god did what plate tectonics is responsible for, “It was said that Geb’s laughter was the source of earthquakes” (McDevitt). This is another godly reason for why natural phenomena like earthquakes occurred. McDevitt

Conclusion-why are myths important?
Prove mythology and natural phenomena
Prove mythology and acceptance of life
Prove how mythology was so important to the Egyptians.
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