How Did The Columbian Exchange Affect Native Americans

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The Columbian Exchange altered the political and economic of Indians negatively and successfully through the population decrease, alliances with Europeans, and wars with Europeans.
The population of Indians in the New World greatly altered the political and economic society there. After 1492, 90% of all Indians had died due to disease from the Europeans, greatly weakening the power and supremacy of certain Indian tribes. Tribes like the Inca, Maya, and Aztec were all some of the strongest tribes and empires in all of the New World, but nevertheless were defeated by Europeans as a result of new leaders being put in charge of these strong groups because of the previous leader dying of disease. The population decrease in the New World also resulted in the a decline of economics for the Indians because once the Europeans discovered and claimed the lands that each tribe lived on, they were forced into slavery and more specifically served under the encomienda system because of their minimal power and supremacy over the Europeans. Clearly, the decrease in population negatively affected the political and economic systems of the Indians.
Alliances with the Europeans was one of the greatest situations for the Indian’s political and economic systems. European countries like France and
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The Indians were stuck with decimation and weakening of empires before the Europeans arrived, and it only got worse once they did. The Spanish Conquistadors, English Colonists, French and Dutch traders and explorers, all greatly affected the political and economic systems of the Indians both positively and negatively. The Columbian Exchange brought tools and guns in addition to many more helpful things that greatly benefited Indian society, but also brought disease and slavery in as well which had never been seen before like this which greatly altered the political and economic systems of the

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