Causes Of The War Of 1812 Dbq

1. Looking ahead #1 In 1801 Thomas Jefferson and his followers took control of the national government. Jefferson anticipated a society of industrial towns, city mobs of Europe, independent farmers, and happily free from the workshops (Brinkley, 181). Jefferson promoted republican simplicity and proposed limited power of the federal government and urged authority prominently at the state level. Their vision proved to be long and tedious and did not come without obstacles. The American economy became diversified and complex. Expanding industrialism proved to be a problem, the idea of an agricultural society was impossible to maintain with the growth of cities and commerce. Rather than Americans embracing cultural farm life, the were moving …show more content…
As a result of the expansion of white settlement westward stretching far beyond the Mississippi river conflict between white settlers and the Native Americans was inevitable(Brinkley,202). As a result, the tribes formed relationships with the British forces in Canada and the Spanish forces in Florida. During that time there was European conflict on the seas, ultimately, the Indians conflict became part of the European conflict, which was one of the main causes of the war of 1812. Another event that led to the war of 1812 was a series of trade restrictions. The new trade restrictions enforced by Britain prevented Americans from trading with France. Also, The British navy which was known for its low pay and terrible conditions most of the navy was “impressed” into service (Brinkley, 203). The servicemen remained unhappy and most of the time if given the opportunity the men aboard would desert the ship. The American Indians were supported by the British military, in lieu of their support, the army would offer armed resistance to the expansion of Americans to the northwest. Lastly the issue of the united states wanting to annex Canada. The powerful motivation for the Americans was the need to uphold national honor in response to the …show more content…
Young women out populated men in many regions most men moved west, women, however, were bound by their marriage unable to have a clear future. Even in places with no shortage of men women converged in large numbers suggesting a change in economic roles. Movement of industrial work out of the home a large part of women’s contribution to the family was shifted into the factory, this movement inhibited older women, this was one of their important social roles. During the adjustments the women relied on religious enthusiasm, it helped satisfy their loss and transition the most important aspect of this transition, however, was new activities within the church where the women ended up playing important

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