The Columbian Exchange

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The Columbian Exchange is a term that titles the atlantic trade routes and the trading between the “Old World” and the “New World” from the 1500s to the 1700s. The Columbian Exchange connected Europe with Africa and the New World. Food, animals, people and weapons, and crops like tobacco were traded across the atlantic, as was diseases. With the recent discovery of the new world the Europeans took advantage of the new resources amongst the New World, and the New World begin benefiting from the Columbian Exchange with resources from Europe and Africa. This trade system the demographic of people, it also changed economics worldwide and change history.

The New World introduced Europe to maize,or more commonly known as corn., white potatoes and sweet potatoes as well as peanuts, tomatoes, and pineapples to Old World. The Old World brung many crops to the New World too. Wheat, peaches, turnips, onions, lettuce and sugar was all brought to the New World from the Old World. This opened new markets and many came to the New World to begin farming the new lands with many new crops. Also a major cash crop to come out of the New World to Europe that many Europeans loved was tobacco, even kings and queens sent merchants to bring back the smokable substance.

With the New World being farmed the Europeans turned to Africa to bring indentured servants and slaves that were bought and traded for things like weapons. This introduced slavery to the New World which would play a major role in the the history of the United States later on in history, Many New World Civilizations took a heavy blow from the Europeans. The Native Americans, Incas and Aztecs all took heavy hits from European diseases, killing many people in the Americas who were not resistant to the European diseases which were carried across the seas. With a more modern way of things and a craving for fortune, and territory the Europeans spent many years contesting one and another for land....
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