Columbian Exchange in America and Europe

Topics: Agriculture, Columbian Exchange, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: February 3, 2013
The Columbian Exchange had dramatic demographic effects in both the Americas and Europe. One major factoring concerning both of the two regions was the spread of new diseases causing a decline in the growth of both the America’s and Europe’s population. However, the impact tended to be much more negative for the Americans. Through the Columbian exchange the Europeans brought multiple new diseases to the Native American population, including small pox. The coming of these diseases had such a great influence and caused the population to decrease so much it became known as the great dying. On the other hand, new diseases were being brought to Europe as well from European sailors after “intermixing” with natives. The main disease being brought was syphilis. Although not necessarily as harmful as the diseases that killed off the current populations of the America’s syphilis caused a major problem in the population growth of further centuries due to the infertility problems that came along with syphilis. Another demographic change brought along by the Columbian exchange was that of the intermixing of cultures and decline in 100% native citizens, primarily in the Americas with coming of the Europeans. The Columbian exchange brought little Americans back to Europe causing little intermixing. However with the coming of Spanish into Mexico and Peru, a new population of mixed-race emerged, otherwise known as mestizo, which soon became a common feature of colonial socities.

Another factor that the Columbian Exchange brought to Europe and the America’s was the introduction of new agricultural products. For, the America’s this meant the bringing of new crops such as wheat and barley to be grown, yet not necessarily immediately becoming a staple of ones diet, though for Europe new agricultural products brought a lasting environmental effect on their dry hard to grow soil. With the introduction of products such as tomatoes, tobacco, and especially potatoes new products...
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