The Differences Between Men and Women in Occupation and Salary

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Paper submitted to Dr. Davor Jedlicka in partial fulfillment of requirements for SOCI 4340, Gender Roles.

Department of Social Sciences
The University of Texas at Tyler

April 17, 2005




With my research I have found on numerous occasions that women are paid less than their male counterparts. In occupations ranging from Elementary school teachers to Taxi Drivers women are underpaid. The obtainment of a college degree is no less a symbol of monetary equality than jobs not requiring a college degree. In occupations that have 99.9% of its employees with college educations’ women are continuously slighted. The percentage differences are also astonishing in female laden occupations.


Men make more than women in just about every occupation. Women can have a higher percentage of college graduates and will persistently make less than men. In occupations ranging from Chef Executives to Farmers and Ranchers women are paid less. On some occasions women can make between $10,000-$20,000 less than men. There are plenty of occupations which are heavy with males and others which are laden with females. In some of the occupations that women are employed more numerously than men, the pay differences are incredible. For instance, when it comes to Elementary and Middle School Teachers women outnumber men by more than a million and they still make more than $5,000 less. When it comes to Tire Builders, which is a male laden occupation, women make about $9,000 less. Females seem to get the short end of the salary stick in occupations laden with men in every occasion. It is very noticeable that women are discriminated against unfortunately. It seems to be safe to say that the difference in salary comes from decades of women in traditional roles. Women are slowly making progress and playing a constant game of “catch-up” to become economically equal with men. The main focus in my study will be to examine the economical comparisons of both men and women, the affects of this inequality in pay and ways to bridge the economical gap.

Review of the Literature
I researched several articles that supported my thesis that women make less than men. Of the articles that I obtained, I discovered that the Equal Pay Act was established in 1963 but women are still economically inferior to men. According to the AFL-CIO (2005), nationwide, working families lose $200 billion of income annually to the wage gap. If women and men were paid equally the nation as a whole would benefit. The article “It’s Time for Working Women to Earn Equal Pay”, details the “cents on the dollar” that we’re shorted as a nation because of women earning less. Equal pay is a family issue according to the AFL-CIO (2005), and they maintain that family incomes rise and the whole family benefits as a result of equal pay. An article of note, was also the “40 years after Pay Equity Act, women still earn less than men”, I discovered that there is an Equal Pay Day which was Tuesday, April 19, 2005. According to the Coalition of Labor Union Women (2005), The National Committee on Pay Equity organizes this Day to raise awareness about unfair pay for women and people of color in America. What’s even more interesting is according to the Coalition of Labor Union of Women (2005), Tuesday symbolizes the day when women’s wages catch up to men’s wages from the previous week. The next question should be whether or not people are aware of the Equal Pay Day or the fact that it takes about a week for women’s wages to catch up to men’s. An Equal Pay Act has been in existence...

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