The Complaint Letter

Topics: Hotel, The Night Manager, Manager Pages: 3 (1029 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Service is the most important aspect when it comes to handling a hotel. A hotel’s main objective is to provide the best service and tend to all of the guests’ needs and requirements. If there is no service then there would be no business. When running a business, the costumer is always placed first. Poor services can results in a complaint from a guest. But that complaint can be used to better the business in the future.

There are many issues that Mr. Metz should be concerned with when it comes to running the ATMI hotel. It is the general manager's job to make sure the guests are being pampered and taken cared of. The most apparent issue that the guests; Dr. Hankins and his wife had was the lack of cleanliness in the room. A hotel's hygienic work environment is the first issue that needs to be resolve, because it directly impacts the visitors' experience and their impression of the hotel's circulation. When Dr. Hankins and his wife walked into their room, they found the state of the room looking disastrous and untidy. The hotel offered another room, however it was even more worse than the previous one. From a guests' perspective, it depicts how poor the cleaning service is. In their mind they would be wondering why their rooms were not dealt with from the beginning. The underlying issue with the messy rooms were the lack of responsibilities from the cleaning department. The problem now involves the staff of the hotel. Mr. Metz should investigate as to why the job was not accomplished according to schedule. It was expected that the rooms should have been tidied right after usage, which would have prevented any guests from experiencing what the Hankins had to go through. The second issue that should be brought to Mr. Metz's concern is the fact that his employees omits their responsibilities by pushing the matter onto others. The operator that was helping Dr. Hankins tried to endow the problem onto his manager instead of resolving it him/herself. The employees...
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