Hotel and Training Programs

Topics: Hotel, Hotel chains, Employment Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: October 30, 2013
1. How do Loews’ training programs relate to the company’s business strategy?

Loews hotels try to give customers high quality accommodation, impressive surroundings, personalized service, and thoughtful amenities for a luxurious experience. The hotels are aimed at providing “Four Diamond AND MORE” service. In their training programs, all of them are designed and performed according to one core that is to meet customers’ needs and provide high quality service. Although the content of the training is quite different from every department of the hotel or from various positions, the goal of all of the training programs is the same as the whole hotel’s goal.

2. Why does the company encourage its employees to focus on the customers’ needs versus other metrics?

Customers are the most important people for organizations, especially for hotels. Organizations are dependent upon their customers. They are the resource of the success of the business. If hotels do not develop customer loyalty and satisfaction, they could lose their customers. If the hotel wants to be successful, not only the company itself, but also their employees should focus on customers. The goal of the hotel is to provide “Four Diamond AND MORE” serve, which means the hotel and employees should center on the customers’ needs.

3. What should we learn from this case? Or why we choose this case? a. Loews hotels offer undergraduates summer internships that allow students to work in a variety of areas. These can provide students a chance to practice their knowledge learned from the university and gain more work experience. b. The internships for students are not just in basic operating positions; however they also include some mentor positions. c. The company can get feedback from the students who have taken part in the internship programs through students’ reports and improve their function part. d. The training programs are not general introduction of the company’s vision, mission, and goals but...
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