Legendary services at the Ritz-Carlton

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Legendary services at the Ritz-Carlton
6 months ago, I was invited to have business dinner in Ritz-Carlton, and was amazed by their ability in consistently delivering ideal service. Starting from then, I had one question in my mind, which is how Ritz-Carlton, who has 81 hotels in 25 countries and 44,000 employees around the world, can deliver consistent services to their demanding customers from place to place. According to Forbes Magazine, Ritz-Carlton has become a leading brand in luxury lodging by rigorously adhering to its own standards. It is the only service company in America that has won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award twice, and Training Magazine has called it the best company in US for employee training.

i. A brief introduction of Ritz-Carlton
Ritz-Carlton operates 81 luxury hotels and resorts in major cities and resorts in 26 countries worldwide. The current company was founded in 1983, when the brand was bought from the previous owners. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., based in Atlanta, Georgia, which began expansion of the brand to other locations. The hotel company is today a subsidiary of Marriott International.

ii. Ritz-Carlton is in service business
Service business provides work performed in an expert manner by an individual or team for the benefit of its customers. The typical service business provides intangible products, such as accounting, banking, and consulting, cleaning, landscaping, education, insurance, treatment, and transportation services.

From the definition of service business, we can say hotel business is actually indeed a service business, because hotel provides service in a professional ways by teams. Furthermore, service business relies strictly on service and consistent quality to maintain their brand image. The hotel industry is a great example of a business model where their customers expect the same consistent service no matter what country they stay in.

iii. What makes Ritz-Carlton special?
Ritz-Carlton is the only service company in America that has won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award twice. In nowadays, customers demand more than ever — expecting to get what they want as per their expectation when they want it. A splendid hotel lobby or hotel room with an extraordinary view cannot really make your hotel unique. Among all these luxury hotels, what make Ritz-Carlton distinguish from others? The Ritz-Carlton grew to become the hospitality leader in the US under the leadership of President and COO Horst Schulze. Schulze instituted a company-wide concentration on both the personal and the data-driven sides of service: He coined the company's well-known customer/employee-centered credo, "We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen" and the set of specific service standards on which The Ritz-Carlton employee base service through the present day. There are 44,000 employees around the world. All these employees share same service values, and provide consistent legendary services to each customer that visit Ritz-Carlton. Why Ritz-Carlton achieves is special? Thanks to Mr. Andrew Rogers’s presentation, I have more clear understanding on the key factor why Ritz-Carlton is special or different from others. That is the Gold Standards. The Ritz Carlton’s management objectives and goals is at the heart of why they are known for providing superior service throughout all of their locations in the world. They achieve this by way of the gold standard approach. The Gold Standard reveals the specific leadership behaviors that produce their exceptional staff empowerment, and extraordinary commitment to its customers. The Gold Standards, and the disciplined business practices that emerge from them, create the platform for achievements of Ritz-Carlton. The heart of the Ritz Carlton’s success is its well defined Gold Standards and extraordinary discipline in keeping them alive in the daily lives of their employees, whom they refer to as...
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