The Apple App Store
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Apple's App Store With the release of the iPhone OS 2.0, Apple launched the App Store on July ,10 2008. This third-party application development and distribution platform, allowed users to purchase and download news apps to their device. Apple first launched the App Store in 62 countries with 500 apps available. Approximately 10 million apps were downloaded in the store’s first four days. App Store customers have now downloaded over 50 billion apps from Apple's store and there are approximately 320 Apple Stores around the world. Apple Apps' come in different languages and the App Store is available around the country as well. Since its creation in 2008, the App Store has been changing the way businesses/ organizations manage the way they do business. With the improvements of: product delivery, customer care and customization, the Apple's App Store has had the most important impact on the way in which companies manage their relationships to the world. First, the App Store has changed the way companies manage their relationships to world through improvement of product delivery. Changing the way digital goods are acquired, the App Store spurred product companies to reinvent themselves in creating offerings for the digital space. "Amazon was king of delivering physical books to your house.. Now you can get ebooks". By enabling consumers to read books, electronically Amazon allowed its self to reach more consumers. Similarly, print media brands such as Wired magazine have developed apps to deliver custom content to their readers. Apps such as Wire magazine mimic the experience of reading a magazine while also pulling in content from social media, blogs and other sources. This changed in product delivery has not only allowed companies to reach a larger audience, it has always improved customer satisfaction. Consumers nowadays want their products on demand- as soon as they purchase it. By allowing consumers to read their magazine/ book as soon as they purchase

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