Why India is among the Top-Ranking Countries in the Field of Basic Research

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India is amongst the top-ranking countries in the field of basic research. Indian Science is one of the most powerful segments for growth and development, especially in the emerging scenario and competitive economy. Scientific knowledge and expertise, innovation, high technology, industrial infrastructure and skilled workforce are the key factors that have driven the progress of the country to a major extent. The Indian science and technology space has been instrumental to bring social and economic changes. The country has not only endeavored to upgrade traditional skills to make them relevant and competitive, but has also been on a spur to develop advanced technologies, which has eventually played a pivotal role in transforming the nation into a modern, industrialized society.  At one extreme, if you peer too far into the future, you can end up making extraordinary statements * online grocery shopping

* Books, music, games, and magazine publishers have all been completely transformed and increasingly disinter mediated by the arrival of Apple, Amazon, and Google. * smart TVs
* POLITICS - . While there's plenty of blogging going on, there's much less activism; * Smart meter

 The role of Modern Technology and Science is increasing and has major impact on day-to-day lives of today's people, as it will in the future. One way or another, advancements in Science and Technology are affecting people all around the world, in New York and in an unknown place in Africa. Technology affects people's lives by improving medicines, provides better treatment for diseases and insures a longer life. It improves transportation by helping people move from one corner of the world to other in hours by using transportation services such as Airways, Railways, or even Bus Transportation. Modern Technology changed people's lifestyle and the way they live. For example, now it's possible to surf Internet on TV, watch programs, pause Live TV, and even playback live shows. Internet surfing is a technology revolution. Because of that technology, a person could know what is happening on the other side of the world, chat with others about different matters and even talk using Instant Messaging Services. Watching TV on computers too is possible. Due to Internet, it is now possible to say that the world is at your fingertips. Recent discoveries and scientific breakthroughs such as Cracking the DNA code and Mapping the Genome may completely change the way people look even before they are born. Parents can change color of their unborn son's eye from blue, black or brown. Diseases that are passed through generations, like diabetes, chronic diseases may be eliminated from the unborn child. Such changes will create a child who is disease free and completely immune from world diseases. This might be helpful, as people would be healthier than before. Due to genetic alteration it maybe possible to extend human life expectancy, therefore an average person may possibly live up to 150 years healthily.

Human life has totally changed since arise of science and technology. We have reached upon top of our life by the help of science and technologicalthings. Science and technology has totally revived our life

Science in Ancient India
The Contribution of India to the world of Science & Technology dates back to ancient times.   India had the best of the scientists in different fields of science and technology – mathematics, medicine, architecture, astronomy, geometry, chemistry, metallurgy, etc. Aryabhatta was a fifth century mathematician, astronomer, astrologer and physicist. He introduced the concept and symbol for Zero and the decimal place value system to the world of mathematics.  Bhaskaracharya introduced Chakrawat Method or the Cyclic Method to solve algebraic equations. Kanad, a sixth century scientist developed the atomic theory which says that the material universe is made up of anu/atom, which...
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