Apple Research Paper

Topics: IPhone, Mobile phone, Apple Inc. Pages: 6 (1722 words) Published: April 5, 2013
-Introduce Apple
-Brief history
-Business perspective
-Past problems
-Current product portfolio
-Revenue  overall company performance
-Stock Price
(template for product portfolio)

-Introduce Smartphone Industry
-RIM Competitors- introduce figures
-Target Market
-Marketing mix
-Describe products
-Functions -Packaging
-History -Design
-Price -Appearance
Apple Store
-Ads, Symbols, differentiate itself
-Steve Jobs presentations on stage were a marketing revolution -Survey
-iPhone users/ non users; not just college kids
-Reflect on ads, promotions, appearance
-Ask them to:
-Report details of survey/ nature
-Look at survey booklet
-What was concluded in your findings/ research?

Apple Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leading designer and manufacturer of software, hardware, and various other forms of electronics. The company is renowned for their innovation in the electronics market by making “user friendly” products, which has resulted in one of the most loyal user-bases in history. Apple’s headquarters is located in Cupertino, California and they have reached their influence to over ten nations via three hundred thirty retailers worldwide; a number that is growing daily. It comes as no surprise to know that Apple Inc. is a major player in some of the worlds’ most competitive markets, including the ever-expanding smartphone market. Apple first became involved with smartphones when they launched their iPhone in June of 2007. Four years later, Apple is now on their fourth model of the phone dubbed the iPhone 4. The product has been well received for its multi-purposeful media abilities, primarily the new “FaceTime” feature, which allows users to video chat with other consumers that also have an iPhone 4. This revolutionary mobile phone can make calls, play music, navigate the web, edit photos, play movies, text message, along with other capabilities (Silverman). It is easily sync-able with a Mac or PC. Although the iPhone 4 is a technological innovation, Apple has out done itself once again and is set to launch the fifth installment of their iPhone line when it introduces the iPhone 5 in October 2011. As it stands, Apple Inc. currently holds the second highest share of the smartphone market. According to, as of July 2011, Apple has a twenty seven percent hold of the market, trailing only Google (forty one percent) and ahead of Research in Motion (RIM) (twenty two percent). The company has made significant strides in 2011 alone to capture a stronger hold on the market by overtaking RIM since March 2011 and closing the gap between itself and Google. The main reason noted for Apple’s current second place standing is that the iPhone was only carried by the mobile provider AT&T for the first three years of its existence and only recently became available on a second carrier, Verizon Wireless (Wauters). When the iPhone 5 hits the market, the mobile provider Sprint will support it as well, giving Apple access to millions of consumers that haven’t had the opportunity to previously own an iPhone. The iPhone 5 is expected to come out this month, but the question is, how successful will the company be, considering the iPhone 4 was just released just last year? Will people buy the newer versions each time they come out? Or will they stick to the version they have now? Introduction:

The set of issues that we will examine is how Apple will continue to beat out their competitors with the newest innovations for the iPhone. This will be done by observing how the company can continue to make the same kind of device, with a few minor upgrades. With this, we will observe how Apple can still get customers, who are already satisfied with their iPhones, to upgrade to the newest and latest version. Seeing if Apple’s target market stays consistent as...

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