Test Paper for English Grade 7

Topics: Subject, Grammar, Noun Pages: 2 (440 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Mariano Marcos State University
Laoag City
Grade VII
For items 1 &2, choose the letter of the correct verb to complete the sentence. A number of proverbs _____ from the tagalog regions.
isb) arec) hasd) have
Every deity ______ magical powers.
isb) arec) hasd) have
For items 3 & 4, choose the letter of the correct tense of the verb that completes each of the following sentences. Tomorrow _______ a sunny day.
isb) arec) hasd) have
The Santos family _____ the holy rosary every night.
praysb) prayc) will prayd) will prays
For items 5 & 6, identify the letter of the correct pronoun that agrees with the highlighted antecedent in the sentences. The students bring _________ workbook.
a) theirb) itsc) hisd) her
Everyone in the class is busy preparing for _____ report.
a) hisb) itsc) theird) her
For items 7 & 8, identify from the sentences the subject and the predicate. Choose the correct letter of the correct answer. The judges voted unanimously.
a) Theb) judgesc) votedd) unanimously
Choose the correct predicate of the sentence below.
She reads the Bible everyday.
a) She readsb) readsc) the Bible everydayd) everyday
For items 9 & 10, determine the correct determiners to complete the sentences. Choose the letter of the correct answer. ___ history of the Philippines was at first written by Americans. Ab) Thec) And) None of the above

Because Mario couldn‘t find ___ wallet, he borrowed money from his colleague. a) herb) himc) hisd) its
Choose the letter that has the correct noun complement of the sentence below. I know that you would weep gently in your bliss.
I knowb) you would weepc) gently ind) in your bliss
What letter possesses the correct use of verb form.Lumnay seems having a problem. c) Lumnay seems to have a problem. Lumnay seems to had a problem.d) Lumnay having a problem.
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