Present Simple Workshop

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Simple present workshop
Names: Jessica Tatiana Fandiño Parra Date: 08- 12- 2012 1. Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use the Simple Present in the statements. Example: He _____ her name. ( shout)

Answer: He shouts her name.

b. I __get____ a good mark. ( get)
c. Rita __does____ an exercise. ( do)
d. Tim and Pat __send___ text messages. (send)
e. Oliver __has_____fun. (have)
f. He __buys_____ a new MP3 player. ( buy)
g. The dog __runs_____ out of the house. (run)
h. You __need_____ your glasses. (need)
i. She __touches_____ a snake. (touch)
j. We __call_____ our dog. ( call)
k. Emma __dreams_____ in the lessons. ( dream)
l. They __look_____ at birds. (look)
m. John _comes______ home from school. (come)
n. He _repairs______the laptop. (repair)
o. Walter and Frank _say___hello. (say)
p. You __drink_____ water. (drink)
q. 10) She __forgets_____ the lunchbox. (forget)

2. Complete using doesn’t or don’t

b. Jane _doesn´t_____ like pizza.
c. Santiago __doesn´t___ play soccer.
d. We ___don´t___ dance Bachata.
e. Danny and Marcell _don´t_____ take a shower.
f. I _don´t_____ teach biology.
g. You and I __don´t____ speak german.

3. Organize the following sentences and conjugate the verbs if necessary

b. brush/ his teeth/ Camilo = Camilo brushes his teeth
c. you/ swim/ ?/ do/ in the lake= do you swim in the lake? d. I / a book/ read= I read a book
e. Mary/ eat/ lasagna/ doesn’t =mary doesn´t eat lasagna f. He/ does/ take / ? / a shower = does he take a shower? g. watch / t.v shows / you/ do/ ? =do you watch t.v shows ?

h. My cat/ drink/ milk= My cat drinks milk
i. they/ have/ don’t/ dinner at night = they don´t have dinner at nigth j. does/ ?/ Salsa/ she/ dance = does she dance salsa?
k. doesn’t/ my father/ a newspaper/...
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