It's only rock and roll

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11 IB Poetry Project – This assignment is due on designated date. One day late will be penalized 10 points.

Poetry Project – Check board for due date
Read the David Wojahn poem and answer the questions below (BE SPECIFIC). The assignment must be NEAT, WELL ORGANIZED, AND COMPLETE

“It’s Only Rock and Roll but I Like It -- The Fall of Saigon, 1975” by David Wojahn

The guttural stammer of the chopper blades
Raising arabesques of dust, tearing leaves
From the orange trees lining the Embassy compound:
One chopper left, and a CBS cameraman leans
From inside its door, exploiting the artful
Mayhem. Somewhere a radio blares the Stones,
“I like it, I like it, yes indeed . . .” Carts full
Of files blaze in the yard. Flak-jacketed marines
Gunpoint the crowd away. The overloaded chopper strains
And blunders from the roof. An ice-cream-suited
Saigonese drops his briefcase; both hands
Now cling to the airborne skis. The camera gets
It all: the marine leaning out the copter bay,
His fists beating time. Then the hands giving way.

Answer the following questions in sequential order from one to ten. Numbers 2-10 must be grammatically correct and in complete sentences. You may use the internet for specific information.

1. Define these words.
2. What is the main action taking place in this poem?
3. Why is the Saigonese clinging to the airborne skis? What happens to him? 4. List and comment on as many “images” of sound as you can identify? What is the intended effect on the reader? 5. What images of sight can you find? What is the effect?

6. What other types of images do you find? Example: taste, touch, or smell 7. Contrast the poem’s title with its content. {Contrast – to compare in such a way as to show differences}
7. In line 9, the word “gunpoint” is used as what part of speech? {NAPA V PIC} 8. What is the connotation of “ice-cream-suited”? (Think...
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