ENG 160: English Composition I, Module 2 Progress Test

Topics: Grammatical conjugation, Verb, Irregular verb Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: October 24, 2014
ENG 160: English Composition I, Module 2 Progress Test

ENG 160: English Composition I, Module 2 Progress Test

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This paper was prepared for English 160: English Composition I, Module 2 Progress Test taught by Kristina Leonard.

Essay Writing: Part 2
All but one of the following sentences contain a mistake involving (1) standard English or irregular verb forms, (2) subject-verb agreement, or (3) consistent verb tense. Cross out the incorrect verb and write the correct form in the space provided. Mark the sentence that uses verbs correctly with a C.

1.Dot searched for the twenty-dollar bill she had hid somewhere in her purse. (hidden) 2.Hovering overhead at the scene of the accident was several traffic helicopters. (were) 3.When I caught my little boy pulling the dog’s ears, I sat him down and talk to him about being kind of animals. (talked) 4.Somebody in the dorm always keep a stereo playing all night long. (kept) 5.The giant-size box of Raisinets sells for three dollars at the theater’s candy counter. (C) 6.This coat and scarf looks very warm, but the wind seems to go right through them. (seemed) 7.Wanda swabbed the inside of her cheek with a Q-tip, smears the cells on a glass slide, and then looked at them through the microscope. (smeared) 8.Last August, Carmen taked his family on a long car trip to Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Canyon. (took) 9.When smoke spilled from the front of the overheated car, the driver opened up the hood and then jumps back as steam billowed out. (jumped) 10.The class clown had went too far, and the students waited to see what the teacher would do. (gone)
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